10 Things About Jeffrey Sitcov & Doors of Change

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Never Ever Give Up!

Since 2001, Doors of Change™ has been transforming the lives of homeless youth, one young person at a time. Doors of Change has placed over 2,000 homeless youth in safe housing and off the streets. In 2013, the agency identified a significant gap in the services and resources available to “transitional-age-youth” (those between the ages of 16 and 25) and decided to re-brand and deliver a unique service to address this critical need. Jeffrey Sitcov, President & Founder of Doors of Change, recognized that trust is often a significant barrier for youth in need of services. Doors of Change selected music and art as a non-threatening way to engage young people living on the streets. By offering music and art instruction in a small group setting, youth are given the opportunity to explore their feelings and challenges through the arts, achieve a sense of mastery for the first time, develop social skills that are positive and constructive, and create a vision for the future that is filled with possibility.

10 Things About Jeffrey Sitcov & Doors of Change

1. I grew up in Buffalo, New York.

2. If I could live anywhere but San Diego, I would choose New Zealand, South Island.

3. I am a night owl.

4. I had an Australian Sheppard named “Mike”.

5. I would like to master playing the harmonica.

6. I am an award-winning photographer and I practiced physical therapy for 18 years.

7. If I ever have any free time, I rest in my hammock.

8. Doors of Change recently helped a young man, Ian, age 18, who arrived to San Diego from L.A. Ian had been living with his mom in L.A. in low-income housing and was recently evicted. Ian found our flyer in Ocean Beach and contacted us to help him with housing and finding a job. We met with Ian and provided new clothing and gas vouchers, helped him with job applications, and referred him to Urban Street Angel’s Interim Shelter Bed Program. Ian is now in safe housing and working at the Salvation Army and for Uber Eats.

9. Doors of Change has an award-winning music and art program “Taking Music & Art to the Streets” that helps homeless youth feel safe and supported. When they feel safe and cared for, homeless youth are more willing to trust us and to seek social services to help them get off the streets. This has resulted in over 2200 homeless youth getting off the streets into safe housing.

10. All proceeds from our upcoming fundraiser, BUBBLES & BRUNCH will go to the Taking Music & Art to the Streets program.


Doors of Change
Bubbles & Brunch
October 24, 2021
Noon-3:30 pm
Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines
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