Insulin is not a cure for diabetes

At the age of six, David Winkler knew something wasn’t quite right. David didn’t have the same energy as all the other kids did that he played with. David’s mom took him to the doctor and after running a few tests, the doctor said, “David has Type 1 Diabetes and won’t live past the age of 30”. They were devastated. Trying to comprehend and make sense of what the diagnosis meant was impossible. There were no support systems in place back then. Not for David or his family.

David proved those doctors wrong. David is now in his 60’s. David has dedicated his life to trying to find solutions for this disease, which is why he founded the Diabetes Research Connection (DRC) – to offer hope, advancements and one day, a cure.


10 Things About David Winkler & Diabetes Research Connection

#1 I grew up in Hartford, CT.

#2 My first job was as a paperboy delivering the Hartford Times.

#3 I most enjoy seafood dishes at restaurants in the Del Mar Plaza.

#4 I have a sweet mutt named Hula from Helen Woodward Animal Center.

#5 Before founding the Diabetes Research Connection, I switched from biology to law, I worked for Ralph Nader, and I clerked for the California Attorney General’s Office representing the California Coastal Commission.

#6 I pickle cucumbers and drink pickle juice.

#7 If I could meet any one person, it would be Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, to thank him for this life-saving treatment for type 1 diabetes (T1D).

#8 My parents Ann & Charles Winkler were my role models for philanthropic giving and achieving meaningful outcomes.

#9 DRC funds innovative early-career scientists who are pursuing research to cure and prevent T1D. All grant requests are peer-reviewed by DRC’s 80 member Scientific Review Committee. Three of our researchers gathered necessary data through DRC to secure additional funding of $1M+ and pursue potential biological cures for T1D. Insulin is not a cure.

#10 Proceeds from Del Mar Dance for Diabetes will fund the next generation of T1D investigators and ensure that 100% of funds designated for research go to a specific researcher’s experiment.

Diabetes Research Connection

Del Mar Dance for Diabetes

September 7, 2019

6 pm – 11 pm

Del Mar Plaza