We do not just save the animal, we help the family

Along with a group of concerned community members and veterinarians, Cini Robb founded the Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE). They saw there was a persistent yet silent problem that had not yet been addressed in our community – Economic Euthanasia. They knew they had to do something about treatable animals being euthanized simply because their owner could not afford emergency medical treatment. 100% of the proceeds from FACE’s Bags & Baubles fundraiser goes directly towards saving pets and families in need by providing grants, resources and education.

10 Things About Cini Robb & FACE

#1 I lived in Northern California until I was 10, and then moved to Long Beach when my family purchased a bowling alley in the area.

#2 My first job was keeping score for leagues in the bowling lanes at my family’s business.

#3 My favorite restaurant in San Diego has got to be Mille Fleurs! My husband, Ira, and I truly value the friendships that we have made and sustained there.

#4 My favorite movie is “An Affair to Remember” with Carey Grant and Debra Kerr. I love the classics.

#5 I am a devoted animal lover. I have 8 dogs (all Daschunds and Doxie mixes), 1 cat, and 15 birds ranging from an African Gray, Cockatiels, lovebirds, and parrotlets.

#6 I’m in a bowling league – no one would peg me for a bowler! It’s a great way to stay connected with my brother and other family members.

#7 I’d love to have lunch with Pope Francis. I’d like to talk with him about his namesake, St. Francis, and his love of all animals.

#8 My love for philanthropy developed early in my teens when I volunteered for the VA hospital during the Vietnam War and my friends and I gave handmade presents to the vets.

#9 My efforts with major philanthropy began about 30 years ago. I am now settled on specific causes. In addition to being the Co-Founder and Board President of FACE, I have served on the Board of Directors of the Hazelden Betty Ford Center for over a decade and I served as a Board Member for NCADD Woman to Woman.

#10 One of our FACE grantees had been turned down by everyone while going through a rough time in her life. Her dog accidentally jumped out of a moving car and needed emergency care that was simply unaffordable for her. She was desperate to save her dog and she came to FACE as a last resort. When we called her and gave her the good news, she laid down on the floor and cried in gratitude and relief.


Bags & Baubles

Sunday, April 28, 2019

1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Private estate in Rancho Santa Fe