“Yesterday is a canceled check, tomorrow is a promissory note, today is the only cash you have, so spend it wisely” – Kay Lyons

Each year, the San Diego Air & Space Museum provides scholarships to deserving local high school seniors. Over the past 30 years, the Museum has awarded $941,500 in scholarships to 316 deserving students. The proceeds from this year’s “Legends of Flight Gala” will go towards the Museum’s Education Programs.

In the last 15 years, Board Member, Captain Ramin Alexandrius Pourteymour has supported over 129 charity organizations. At age 19, Ramin was one of the youngest commercial airline pilots in the world & the youngest for United Airlines as well as the youngest to fly the Boeing 747-400. Ramin’s original pilot uniforms are on display at the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

10 Things About Captain Ramin Alexandrius Pourteymour & San Diego Air and Space Museum


#1 I was born in Tehran, Iran and lived in Cannes, France and Wiesbaden, Germany before coming with my family to La Jolla when I was 14.


#2 Everyone should develop the skill to listen and communicate clearly. And I admire those who avoid EGG – Ego, Greed and Gossip!


#3 I am extremely fortunate to have visited 126 countries. I love each one for a different reason – beauty, sightseeing, the kindness of the people, shopping, beaches and culture. I would love to travel to Space someday.


#4 I am passionate about children and animals. I wish someday to purchase real estate and lease half the property for passive income which would then feed the other half of the property to be a shelter for under privileged children and rescued street animals.


#5 I have 76 quotes and maxims listed in my phone that I read daily which serves as an anti-virus, anti-spam for my brain.


#6 I have 4 rescue dogs: Princess Chacha, Mini Mini Boom Boom, Chico Chalupa and Lucky Escobar


#7 I love to sing and at age 11 won 3 singing awards on a televised talent show in Germany.


#8 When I am having a stressful day, I hold my breath for as long as I possibly can. My problems disappear when I am gasping for air and puts what is important into perspective.


#9 I am amazed by the advances humans have made in space, technology, health and medical sciences. At the same time, I am shocked and saddened to see people, in the name of god and religion hurt, or kill each other.


#10 Once my father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I realized that focusing on the health and happiness of yourself and loved ones is far more important than caring about money and material things.


San Diego Air & Space Museum

“Legends of Flight Gala”

November 23, 2019

5 p.m.

San Diego Air & Space Museum

2001 Pan American Plaza