Physicians Improving Health, Changing Lives

The vision of Champions for Health (CFH) is to get people healthy, and to keep them healthy. When asked what drew executive director, Adama Dyoniziak, to Champions for Health, her answer was two words: engaged volunteerism. “These words describe physicians moved to action to improve community health and wellness through prevention and access to life-saving care. This network of volunteer physicians, nurses, hospitals and surgical centers, have formed a safety net for those most in need of care. This integrated continuum of care provides hope for families and the likelihood of a positive future within our communities.”

10 Things About Adama Dyoniziak & Champions for Health

#1 I was born in Brooklyn New York and raised in New Jersey in a Polish enclave.

#2 My first job was in a watch and jewelry repair at a Chula Vista Sears. I can still change a watch battery, set a watch and shorten a watch band.

#3 As a child, I was a bibliophile. My favorite book was Polish fairytales called “Bursztynowe Basnie” or Amber Fairytales that I received on my first trip to Poland. The stories are magical.

#4 I really love animated movies, my favorite is “Up” because it shows what real love and true friendship is all about.

#5 I am a dog person, and my love bugs are Cleo and Link. Cleo chose us at the shelter when she jumped in my lap. Cleo found Link at the park abandoned, and he joined our merry family.

#6 Listen to your gut. My Mom told me this a long time ago. This has proven true again and again.

#7 I’ve always wanted to be a tour guide in Poland. To weave history and intrigue through storytelling while viewing historical landmarks sounds like a dream come true. Add to that, the ability to eat fresh, authentic Polish food – pastries, breads, produce, and dairy products on a daily basis – that is the definition of absolute heaven!

#8 CFH uses best practices of care management to transform peoples’ lives from pain and dire medical diagnoses to health, renewed family involvement and productive work and community life.

#9 Sylvia had early stage thyroid cancer and received 2 pro bono operations from 4 volunteer physicians through Project Access San Diego. “The doctor he called me HERE at the house to ask how I was doing. I asked myself ‘Holy Father what did I do to deserve this?’ Because you don’t come across people who are blessings from God,” Sylvia said excitedly.

#10 Champions Soiree raises funds for Project Access San Diego which provides a full range of pro bono specialty health care to qualifying low-income, uninsured individuals who are referred by primary care physicians in partner community clinics.

Champions for Health

Awakening Wellness

Sunday, June 30, 2019

5 pm – 8 pm

Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park