Sun, surf, and so much to do! Malibu makes a great travel destination for anyone looking to take in the 27 miles of beautiful California coast, do some cultural exploration, or spend a relaxing weekend at one of their renowned hotels.

The city has evolved immensely from its beginnings but still has remnants of its Native American roots, its time as part of the California mission system, and its brief detour into the tile industry. Much like its diverse history, there is something to do for everyone. Malibu has been home to Hollywood A-listers since the 1930s. The perfect place to spot celebs while shopping is at the Malibu Country Mart and Malibu Lumber Yard, two adjacent and upscale retail centers. Art lovers need to visit the famous Getty Villa. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the beautiful weather with horseback riding, a family safari, and you can’t go wrong with spending a day at the local beaches known for having some of the most perfect waves in the world.

The Malibu Beach Inn at the exclusive Carbon Beach is situated along the coast and provides guests with an awe inspiring view of Malibu and the perfect place to refresh from your day of adventure with their on-site spa suite, Carbon Beach Club restaurant with fine dining or watch the sunset from your luxurious room.
Whether you are a California native or visiting from far away, a trip to Malibu makes for a perfect Escapadita. 

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