A Bright Future for all San Diegans

What does it take to be financially self-sufficient in San Diego? A third of our residents don't have it. They struggle to make ends meet, even working multiple jobs. United Way addressed this issue in a recent report, Voices for the Common Good: San Diego Speaks Out on Opportunity, listening to the challenges of those who are "working hard but falling short."

The good news: We're engaging the entire community to help move more residents toward economic stability. You can volunteer to coach youth and adults on job skills—such as resume writing, interviewing and other soft skills—by participating in our mock interviews, part of our Bright Futures initiative. Your support can help San Diegans of all ages learn the skills they need to be successful.

Alicia is one of our great success stories. The single mother fled domestic violence and enrolled in every financial program she could find to teach herself and her children how to budget and save for the future. She worked several jobs, learned money-management skills, followed a budget and eventually saved enough to buy her first home. United Way initiatives have taught thousands of San Diegans like Alicia how to support themselves and their families while saving for a bright future. Visit our website at and sign up to volunteer!

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