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The Fleet Science Center's "Two Scientists" Goes Nationwide.

What is dark matter? Could scientists really recreate dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park? These burning questions and more have been posed to local scientists participating in Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar®. The event, coordinated by the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park, is held quarterly throughout San Diego County when on one night, the Fleet sends 50 scientists to 25 bars and restaurants. Anyone can ask them questions in an informal, relaxed setting. The scientists are easy to spot because they sit near a sign that reads, "We are scientists. Ask us anything!"


Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar launched in 2014 and quickly became one of the Fleet’s most popular adult events. In early 2017, the program became a registered trademark for the Fleet Science Center. The event is now held in multiple cities throughout the country, including Pittsburg, Albany and Washington, D.C., with future events scheduled in Saint Paul, Austin and Miami.   

The most recent San Diego event, held in December, gave participants a chance to chat with a neuroscientist and biologist at Tiger! Tiger! in North Park, a molecular biologist and a muscular biologist at Iron Fist Brewing in Vista, an engineer and a data scientist at The Elwood in Chula Vista - and more. "We want to engage people where they live, work and play,” Dr. Steve Snyder, CEO of the Fleet Science Center shared with Giving Back Magazine. “this event gives us an opportunity to connect San Diegans with science in a fun and unexpected way.”

The next San Diego event will be held in March. For more information on Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar, please visit

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