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Empowerment for Life.

It was 24 years ago that Susan Deranian first graced St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center’s (SMSC) campus as a student. Susan was 43 years young then, and like her peers, she has thrived and evolved in a rich, nurturing environment they proudly call life at St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center. Susan’s cousin Paul called it “giving Susan purpose.”

For over 50 years St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center has helped people with developmental disabilities, their families and communities, discover, explore and nurture potential – giving thousands a chance to live life to the fullest. The Center truly provides a “Life Program” that allows students to learn and grow, and enjoy friendships and social activities throughout their lives. SMSC students include from recent high-school graduates to seniors in their 80s.
SMSC is grateful to offer Susan and her peers the innovative programs and empowering education they so richly deserve in their lifetime… and for their lifetime. Susan’s years at St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center have let her experience several of SMSC’s programs: career skills development in the Supportive Employment Program, the diversified learning opportunities of the Activity Center Program, and now she is in the expanding Senior Program. Susan’s friendly and delightful personality earned her the title “The Ambassador” at St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center.

A talented artist, Susan is also a talented storyteller, and her many memories and interests are expressed in her artwork. Susan always enjoys talking to other artists at Sophie’s Gallery, encouraging them and complimenting their work. Susan has made dozens of pieces, and her artwork has been displayed at UC San Diego, Bread & Cie Bakery and Café and at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts.
When asked what she likes the most about St Madeleine Sophie’s Center, Susan quickly replies “the art gallery.”

Susan and Student Senior Citizens… Now 18% of SMSC’s Enrollment!

Just like the general population, the increased life expectancy of adults with developmental disabilities demands more support in terms of quality services and programs. Susan is part of SMSC’s aging population on campus where seniors make up 18% of their total enrollment.

Your Legacy Impacts Their Lifetime!

St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center’s goal is to provide an enriched and stimulating environment where Susan and her fellow seniors can continue to thrive and remain independent as long as possible. This has been possible because of donors and Susan’s own loving parents who left a gift to St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center in their estate plan.

Donations from the community and families are a crucial part of SMSC’s survival. Your support will help St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center continue to meet the needs of today’s seniors, and ensure a place for the elders of tomorrow.

Here’s How You Can Help!

St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center is asking the community to support their lifetime program with a financial gift; no gift is too small! Send your gift TODAY to 2119 East Madison Avenue, El Cajon CA 92019 or donate online by visiting

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