Life-Saving Care.

Alex Salazar was extremely ill and weak and was being released from a San Diego hospital because his insurance didn’t cover the services he needed. That’s when he heard about an amazing health system from one of his good friends, his “guardian angel,” and turned to San Ysidro Health to get the treatment he needed.

Alex’s story is one of many. He is one of those patients who needed life-saving care and found a place to get it. Salazar shared with Giving Back Magazine, “San Ysidro Health is very personal to me because, frankly, they pretty much saved my life when I was in desperate need of services and medication.”

His is just one of hundreds of patient stories showing the impact San Ysidro Health has on our community. Every day across our region San Ysidro Health provides excellent, affordable health services for the entire family. As a matter of fact, tens of thousands of patients have come through the doors of the clinics and programs of San Ysidro Health for the nearly 50 years the organization has been in existence. These patients have been welcomed regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

San Ysidro Health is a critical part of our community’s health safety net. For many years government grants and programs have helped to fund some of the services, but things are changing. Governmental priorities are shifting, and with those shifts funding can become more difficult to obtain.

With the season of giving upon us, San Ysidro Health is asking that you consider a gift to support their mission and to help provide our communities with excellent health services. If you are interested in learning more, or would like to support the organization’s efforts you can go to their website: or contact Maggie Hannegan, Director of Philanthropy at (619) 941-2372.

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