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Every year, Southwest Airlines receives requests for charitable donations from organizations across the country. These requests come directly from organizations in the communities where our Employees and Customers live, work and play. In an effort to address and promote charitable giving on a local level, we have developed a relationship with San Diego Grantmakers, which in turn forms a relationship with the people of San Diego, allowing us to have a direct and personal impact in the community we serve.

San Diego Grantmakers

Helping Those Who Do Philanthropy, Do It Even Better

There are many reasons that San Diego is such a great place to live: the weather, unique geography, diverse culture, strong economy - and of course, the people. The generosity of a community’s residents, businesses and civic organizations is key to its quality of life, and there is no doubt that San Diego is full of people who are dedicated to giving of their time and money to make this a better place for all who live here.

When people feel strongly about giving back, they also strive to do everything they can with what they have to give. They want to know things like the impact of their philanthropy, who else supports the causes they care about and how they can combine forces.

San Diego Grantmakers (SDG) provides the resources needed to engage in this kind of strategic charitable giving.

Philanthropy Comes in Many Forms

The San Diego Grantmakers network includes family, community and private foundations; corporate giving programs; individual donors; giving circles; grantmaking public charities; government grantmakers; and philanthropy advisors. By creating opportunities for learning, collaboration and advocacy, they increase the impact of their members’ charitable giving and its ultimate benefits to society.

When companies like Southwest Airlines, an SDG member, make it a priority to give back to the communities in which their employees and customers live, they raise the bar for responsible business practice and corporate social responsibility.

“There are many ways that companies can be valuable philanthropic partners,” Nancy Jamison, San Diego Grantmakers President and CEO tells Giving Back Magazine. “Options range from giving money as a company or in combination with employee donations, to organizing employee volunteer opportunities or donating company products, services or pro-bono assistance.”

Southwest Airlines is a good example of how a company can deploy several of these options. It has developed signature programs that create public spaces in the hearts of cities, donate air travel to families dealing with serious illness and support nonprofits that work with military personnel and veterans. Additionally, Southwest Airlines is dedicated to minimizing waste and using its resources effectively so as to be good environmental stewards. In 2014 alone, Southwest Airlines donated $20 million in travel and cash to national and local qualified nonprofit organizations, while Southwest Employees volunteered 144,596 hours.

How San Diego Grantmakers Helps

San Diego Grantmakers is a not-for-profit association for organizations and individuals who are strategic about philanthropy and provide significant funding to multiple nonprofits. They provide monthly educational programs and online resources about different funding areas of interest and best practices. They als facilitate collaboration among funders and others seeking to resolve important community issues like education and food systems needs, homelessness, military and veteran support, social equity and transition age foster youth. Additionally, through San Diego Grantmakers, members are connected to more than 5,500 colleague funders across the country, the largest network in American philanthropy.

What Is Your Philanthropic Fit?

There are numerous ways for you to also have a greater impact on the causes you care about. Perhaps it is through an employer-sponsored matching program. Or by opening a donor advised fund at a local community foundation that provides charitable giving and tax expertise. Or you could join a local giving circle that connects you to others who care about the same issues as you.

Whichever way you choose to give back, your contributions help make San Diego one of the best places to live, and for that, we thank you! For more information about San Diego Grantmakers, visit www.sdgrantmakers.org or call (858) 875-3333.

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