GTK_John_GomezJohn Gomez is a nationally recognized trial attorney. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of San Diego, he went on to graduate from Yale Law School. From there, stints at Latham & Watkins and the United States Attorneys Office led him back to his true passion: helping others. Today, Gomez is the President and Founder of the Gomez Law Firm, dedicated exclusively to representing individuals that have suffered catastrophic personal harm. His trial record is unmatched. Since 2000, Gomez has collected over $200 million in verdicts and settlements with more than 30 awards in excess of $1 million each.

tn_SWA_LEAD_SDSouthwest Airlines continues to be a leader in the airline industry and is proud to support key issues that affect our community including leadership development.  But the question becomes, “What creates San Diego’s leaders?”

Established in 1981, LEAD San Diego is the premier organization in the San Diego/Baja region dedicated to providing dynamic leadership development programs.

tn_PATRONATOThe Tijuana General Hospital is a public health institution, which throughout its entire existence, has provided a great quantity of services to the benefit of our community. The Auxiliary Group, under the same ideals of service, was incorporated by a group of inspired citizens with the clear objective of helping the mission of providing health services and improving the quality of assistance offered by the Hospital.

tn_VICTORIA_ROBERTSONHave you ever wondered what it takes to be a world class opera singer?  To have the kind of voice that will carry over a full symphony orchestra to the very last seat in the house?  Victoria Robertson is a rising star in the world of music going through a very advanced training process and preparing for her international opera career.

Dr. Deisy Cristina Boscán of the San Diego Psychology Center, which currently includes 5 mental health professionals Dr_Deisy_Boscanunder her supervision, provide fully bilingual English and Spanish services for adults and children. 

Southwest Airlines is proud to support La Cuna!SWA

The statistics are hard to read. 5,000 children in San Diego County alone are in foster care.

Over a third of these children are between 0 and 5 years old. Half of these children are Latino.

mini-DSC_2188Mary and Hudson Drake

Philanthropists Mary and Hudson Drake have dedicated their lives to Giving Back to others around the world. At the center of their hearts is a focus to give back for others to have a better future.

Gilbert_CastellanosSouthern California trumpet virtuoso Gilbert Castellanos makes music that sounds effortless. Skilled with impressive dexterity and control, his clarity of expression moves listeners on a deeply emotional level. Castellanos has

SWAA Golden Opportunity! The airline industry is laced with factors beyond our control.  However, taking care of each other is one goal we all have complete control over, and in essence, is at the heart of what we strive to do as an airline.

South-Bay-Community-ServicesAlmost 40 years ago, South Bay Community Services began as “Our House” – a place where teens struggling with life issues turned to for counseling, support or temporary shelter. Advocates knew that youth struggles did not usually remain isolated and families as a whole were affected.  So, through the eyes of our youth, SBCS was born.  

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