"The Jeff & Jer Showgram" is back on the air at their new home, KYXY 96.5 FM.

"Jeff & Jer" have been waking up San Diegans since 1988 and their distinctive San Diego program was last heard in 2009. "They wanted some of us back but not the entire family", Jerry tells Giving Back Magazine. "The five of us; Jeff, Jerry, Producer Tommy Sablan, Laura Cain and Randy Hoag have been together forever, so it was all of us or none of us." Discussions to bring the show back to the air began with CBS in October and The Showgram premiered on January 24 to the delight and relief of San Diegan's who had missed their longtime on-air friends.

the-jewels-of-san-diegoThe Arc of San Diego is the largest, most comprehensive service provider for people with disabilities in San Diego County. It serves over 2,500 children and adults with disabilities such as mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome each year.

For the past 60 years The Arc has been offering a wide range of services including early instruction for infants and toddlers, adult day programs, residential care, independent living skills training, vocational training and employment placement programs.

Mariana-Postlethwaite"I knew what I wanted to do since I was twelve years old, I had it in me since I passionately moved the Barbie and Ken doll house furniture, seriously....I believe passion is what makes the world turn and people conquer their fears and fulfill their dreams," Mariana smiles telling GB.


It has been almost 28 years since Ralph Rubio opened his first restaurant in Mission Bay. He remembers the early days well, and fondly. From the time he spent sleeping in the back of the restaurant trying to rest before the next crush of customers, to the day the building almost burned down, he never forgets his beginnings.


Lissé Xpress planchado y secado es un concepto creado en una simple idea "No Cuts, No Colors; Just Blowouts"- no cortamos, no teñimos solamente peinamos. La mayoría de nosotras nos vemos mejor cuando una estilista talentosa nos seca o nos arregla nuestro cabello. La razón es que por el talento, el enfoque y la experiencia del estilista simplemente queda perfectamente bien el pelo. Y porque tener que gastar en un salón tradicional por quedar y sentirnos bien es de donde nació la idea de Lissé Xpress. Belleza total con un costo accesible.


It is always exciting to kick off a new year, but that is especially so this time around, as 2011 marks our 40th anniversary of giving Americans the Freedom to Fly. I join my colleagues at Southwest Airlines in the excitement of what lies ahead for our great Company. We're going to rock it this year!


In addition to Mainly Mozart that supports classical music in the schools, I like to work with the La Jolla Playhouse. I used to be chair of the Center Stage and now they are bringing it back as the Ovation Club and I am really excited about that.


Campestre Diamante es un proyecto único en el que convive el lujo, la seguridad y la naturaleza. Se reconoce por su exclusividad y categoría. Levantado en la Recta en la incomparable colonia Chapultepec, la más exclusiva ubicación de tradición en Tijuana, Campestre Diamante ofrece lo mejor para ti y para tu familia. Con espectaculares vistas al campo de golf y de la ciudad, se distingue del resto.

GTK_MANA_of_San_DiegoSouthwest Airlines Salutes MANA de San Diego

The Latino community faces many barriers with regards to education, health and economic opportunities. Cultural traditions do not encourage women toward educational or professional advancement. A report released in August of 2009 states that "41% of Latina students do not graduate on time with a standard high school diploma. As Latinos work to provide for their families, education too often takes a back seat to survival. Latina students must take on parental duties to either younger siblings, or, in a community with the highest teen pregnancy rate, their own children."

Roxana_VelazquezThe San Diego Museum of Art, the region's oldest, largest and most visited art museum, is proud to have as its new Executive Director Roxana Velásquez. An internationally celebrated art historian and writer, she is the first female ever appointed to this distinguished role at The San Diego Museum of Art.

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