gtk MARCELA COLOKURIS"You are your own style, be unique, wear what you yourself."

gtl swaAs a Southwest Airlines Employee for almost 22 years, I have been fortunate to witness firsthand the difference this pioneering airline has made in millions of lives around the country. This is why I was thrilled to hear that a recent survey conducted by Forbes named Southwest as the most desirable brand in America! Both men and women shared their appreciation to accessible, affordable memories!

The Old Globe TheatreAs San Diego's largest performing arts institution, The Old Globe Theatre boasts a diverse repertoire of productions on its three stages, as well as a history of involvement and education programs throughout the entire county. This year, the Old Globe will embark on ¡Viva el Teatro!, an initiative that looks to expand the theater's outreach and presence in San Diego's vibrant Hispanic community. On Friday, March 23, The Old Globe will host ¡Viva el Teatro!, an event to launch this new project.

GTK LUX ART INSTITUTELux Art Institute announced a new social group for the museum's young members aged 21-39 interested in deepening their engagement with the organization and connecting in a more personal way with contemporary art and culture. Dubbed Influx, this collective will receive the benefits of membership - free annual admission to the Lux Studio, subscription to the quarterly newsletter, discounts and exclusive invitations to member receptions - while also enjoying special events, access to the Lux resident artists and the opportunity to network with like-minded peers in mutual support of a vital and dynamic institution.

GTK ORCHESTRA NOVAWith over 28 years of success and community involvement, Orchestra Nova is well on its way to fulfilling their mission of presenting a dramatic music experience that is extraordinary, while bringing humanity into the lives of every single individual they can reach.

Artistic director Jung-Ho Pak is described by the New York Times as a conductor who "radiates enthusiasm," has developed a reputation as an innovative, visionary and influential leader. His "new vision" for classical music in San Diego is to create a joyous, emotional and dramatic musical experience for today's audiences, an experience that attracts a whole new generation to classical music.

GTK RACHEL ZOE"Style is what one creates....glamour is a state of mind." Rachel Zoe

GTK RANDY AND WENDYRandy Woods and Wendy Walker take their charitable work seriously. Originally from the Midwest, both have achieved amazing things and have given back their time and resources to various charities. As a happy couple, they have many things in common; one of them is being named the 2012 Heart of San Diego's Honorees for the 15th Annual Heart of San Diego Gala benefitting UCSD Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center taking place on February 25.

GTK SD CENTER-FOR CHILDREN125 Years of Taking Care of San Diego's Most Special Children

GTK SWA STAY CLASSYWe are living in the Net Generation. Information is at our fingertips, technological innovation is at an all-time high and as a society, we are more connected than ever. By now, most industries have "plugged in" to the digital revolution, leaving behind more traditional methods of communication and business management. Until recently however, the nonprofit sector was not one of them.

StayClassy, a San Diego-based startup, has become a leader in online fundraising for nonprofit organizations by innovating the charitable sector in a way that's long overdue. The company's focus is to introduce creative new ways for nonprofit organizations to adopt digital platforms to engage their members, tell their story and manage their fundraising online.

GTK UCSD PROGRAMThe Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center is the nucleus for clinical care and cardiovascular research at the University of California, San Diego. The Center delivers excellence in clinical care, research, education and community outreach. Their researchers and physicians embrace a translational approach to medicine, which allows discovery to move swiftly from the laboratory to the clinic. This world-class facility allows for the continued pursuit of new breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and to deliver these discoveries to their patients as soon as they become available.

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