The New Children’s Museum.

Think back to when you jumped on the bed as a child. Remember the joy and exhilaration of the weightlessness you felt while airborne? Now imagine a whole room lined with mattresses, with permission to bounce to your heart’s content!


Duchess Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, Demi Lovato, Jon Hamm, and Glenn Close are just a few of several world-known celebrities who are using their platform to shed a spotlight on mental health.

Their voices, unyielding passion, and for some, personal experiences, are lending to the conversation that problems with mental health are real, and that if left untreated, can leave many people feeling alone and unworthy of living a fulfilling life.


The San Diego History Center.

The San Diego History Center in Balboa Park is celebrating its 90th anniversary in a big way with bold plans to honor the past and embrace an exciting future. The History Center is unveiling a new strategy at the “Makers of San Diego History” dinner and program on April 21, 2018 that includes plans for a new, permanent San Diego history exhibition, innovative ways to connect with local communities to tell their own San Diego stories, and a new scholarship program to engage and support the historians of tomorrow.


Rehoming Doesn’t Mean Caring Ends.

In a perfect world, companion animals would spend their entire lives in one home. San Diego Humane Society strives to provide pet owners with the help and resources they need to resolve any pet issues they may be facing. There may be unforeseen circumstances that make it impossible for pets to stay with their families.


One Voice at a Time.

Located in Mission Valley, the San Diego Childhood RiteCare® Language Center (CLC) is committed to providing children with the building blocks for a lifetime of improved communication and confidence through comprehensive speech-language evaluations and intensive speech therapy with no required fees to the families. Since opening in 1981, they have provided more than $5.5 million in services to children ages 2-12 throughout San Diego County. The San Diego RiteCare® CLC is a philanthropic initiative of the Scottish Rite Valley of San Diego, a concordant body of Freemasonry.



¡Univisión Radio celebra el más exitoso Radiotón de su historia! Gracias al firme apoyo de las estaciones de radio Amor 102.9 (antes conocida como 102.9 Mas Variedad) y de la Qué Buena 106.5 quienes convocaron a sus radio-escuchas, lograron recaudar mas de cien mil dólares, cifra que de manera acumulativa desde que iniciaron sus radiotones a lo largo de más de 18 años les permitió superar en este radiotón la impresionante cifra de ¡2 millones de dólares!


University of San Diego Alumnus Represents Those Who Are Underrepresented.

Victor Torres ’84 BA, ’88 JD, grew up in the barrio in National City and has dedicated his life to serving his family, his community and his country. After serving in the Air Force, Torres earned a bachelor’s degree and a law degree from the University of San Diego and has dedicated his life to serving the Latino community.


The Force Behind the Forces.

USO San Diego is a true home away from home for tens of thousands of active-duty military members and their families, and a patriot organization that inspires the community to support them. On any given day, hundreds of brave men and women who sacrifice so much for our country, convene in and move through USO San Diego centers around the globe. Their presence is inspirational, and our support of them is unwavering.


Health Tips.

I always tell my son, Noah, “Your primary responsibilities are school and sports. We will try different activities until you find the one you like, we will pick that one, stick with it, and commit to it.” After trying swimming, soccer, and tennis, he made his decision. Every day after school since then he has been playing tennis. Based on my experience as a tennis coach and a former professional athlete growing up with kids that were involved in sports, I can tell you that they typically become healthier, smarter and more confident. If you don't believe me, here are the top reasons that research and experts show investing in sports for your child is a smart choice.


The Media Arts Center.

With humble beginnings as a student film showcase, the San Diego Latino Film Festival has grown into the most notable events of its kind. Now in its 25th year, SDLFF will celebrate the rising talent in Latin cinema from March 15th through 25th. The Media Arts Center’s 10-day festival will feature over 165 films from Latin America, Spain and the U.S. Offering something for all film lovers, a broad range will be shown with comedies, thrillers, romance, and drama taking center stage. In addition to screenings, the event will also feature Film Talks, celebrities, filmmakers and actors who have made a substantial impact in the industry. A proud supporter of the San Diego Latino community, Giving Back Magazine will serve as this year’s Official Magazine Sponsor.

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