A World of Difference.

Imagine an elevated travel experience where the wishes of each passenger are paramount - a dramatic departure from commercial airline travel.


Sharp HealthCare.

For Sharp HealthCare, providing the highest quality patient care is their greatest mission. Now, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center is on a journey to go above and beyond – building a next-generation hospital for the people in our rapidly growing binational region. To best serve the Cali Baja mega region Sharp created the Binational Leadership Council. Comprised of community leaders, the Council provides leadership and guidance on how to best serve the diverse needs of the community, while helping to build a strong culture of philanthropy in the binational region.


Westfield UTC.

From organic living to the casual elegance of La Jolla, Westfield UTC presents the ultimate resort shopping experience. The Center is now in the midst of a $600 million expansion that is inspired by the unique La Jolla lifestyle. The new UTC will offer a relaxed, sophisticated outdoor destination that celebrates the best of La Jolla in a true “coastal resort” setting. Alfresco dining patios, vine-clad building facades with stone accents, exciting new shops along shady, meandering outdoor lanes, crisp architecture framing breezy upper level views, local commissioned sculptures and seating areas set within lush landscaping.

Health Tip

Health Tip.

Everyone seems to be going organic and cleaning up their diets these days, but they aren’t seeing the dramatic results they are aiming for! To maintain a healthy body, or even lose weight, you should not only eat clean, you should also watch how much food you are consuming. While you’re making healthier choices, you might also find yourself complaining that you can’t drop the weight.


Passion Through Art.

Alejandra Phelts is a beautiful woman who has found success through her art and touches lives all over the world with the passion and love she has for her Mexican culture. Alejandra is a perfect example of how it is possible to have it all with a loving marriage, happy family and the ability to successfully maintain her health. While she calls Tijuana, Mexico her home, she travels all over the world to share her art.

Swa Sablan

Southwest Airlines.

Now in its 46th year of service, Southwest Airlines continues to differentiate itself from other carriers with exemplary Customer Service delivered by its Employees to more than 100 million Customers annually. Through those meaningful relationships, we can strengthen the communities in which our Customers and Employees work and live. At Southwest, we are passionate about connecting people to what's important in their lives and we invite you meet our friend Tommy Sablan who has had great success in his efforts to impact the community and learn how his personal achievements are also a part of his story.

Charity Ballroom

Extraordinary Ballroom.

Terry Jordan’s path to Extraordinary Ballroom began in 2005. After careers in military and civilian government service, he decided to move from San Diego to Oakland and enroll in the Ballroom Dance Teachers College. However, in 2006, advanced cancer sidelined him from the dance floor and Terry came back to San Diego to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Just In Time

Just in Time for Foster Youth.

Just in Time for Foster Youth engages a caring community to help transition age foster youth achieve self-sufficiency and well being. Every year, they serve approximately 650-700 youth (ages 18-26) who have left the foster care system by connecting them to a community of caring adults who help them become Confident, Capable and Connected. That community also includes a Youth Services team composed completely of staff who were once in foster care.

Manchester Pacific

Paving the Future for Generations to Come.

Building an innovative, thriving future for San Diego has not been an easy journey. After 11 years of planning, overcoming regulatory challenges, and collaborating with the best and brightest, the Manchester Pacific Gateway will become a reality. On April 4th, demolition began to remove the Navy Broadway Complex to make way for this new project. As described in the name, the new addition to the waterfront will transform San Diego’s Harbor into the entryway to a renewed downtown aesthetic.


Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP).

In addition to being the only all-girls school in San Diego County, the Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP) also serves a large binational population. With its proximity to the US/Mexico border, about 13 percent of the school’s population crosses the border every day to attend classes. This bi-national relationship has been a constant in the long legacy and tradition of OLP.

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