Symbolic Motor Car Company is known to the most demanding collectors and connoisseurs as the ultimate purveyor of vintage and contemporary motorcars. Symbolic Motor Car Company is acknowledged as the leading dealership, possessing an inventory of thoroughbreds ranging from vintage racing Ferrari, to the new Rolls Royce Ghost and Bentley Mulsanne flagship. Also operating officially as Bentley San Diego, Bugatti San Diego, Rolls-Royce Motorcars San Diego, Lotus of San Diego and Lamborghini of San Diego, there is not a prestigious car maker you will not find under their roof.

Rancho Tecate

"Los sueños son sumamente importantes. Nada se hace sin que antes se imagine."
"Dreams are extremely important. You can't do it unless you imagine it."
George Lucas



gtk_walter-green A band is like any good family; it is born, grows, learns and reproduces. Jarabe de Palo is one these bands whose trajectory dawned July of 1995 with their hit La Flaca, with its Latin flavor and Caribbean sounds, to the present with their 8th batch of "puppies" titled ¿Y Ahora Qué Hacemos? (What Do We Do Now?) finds this family on a new stage and they wanna rock!


This summer transform any bedroom with floral designs and soothing colored linens, towels, and comforters from Schlossberg.


gtk_bustamanteThe First Lady of Tijuana is giving back and making changes for the community.

DIF is a social assistance organization whose objective is to develop assistance programs for the betterment of the quality of life for the less fortunate families of Tijuana. Now that DIF has the First Lady of Tijuana Carolina Bustamante de Garcia as the president; more actions are being taken to promote family development across Community Centers where individuals learn a new trade to improve their source of income.

gtk_tuxs-and-tenniesOn July 25, 2011 San Diego Symphony kicks off their Summer Pops Season at the 4th annual, 60's themed, Tux 'n Tennies Summer Bash. Proceeds from the event benefit the Symphony's music education and outreach programs which reach over 42,000 students a year. This year the featured guest will be Creedence Clearwater Revisited with Rock n' Roll Hall of Famers and original members Stu Cook and Doug "Cosmo".


Walter Green's father died when he was a teenager and it left an indelible impression on him that life is short, precious, and unpredictable. Relationships throughout his life have been a central theme for him spending many years facilitating executive groups where the full range of key life issues was the focus. His readings also had him challenge the wisdom of why one waits until either their health is compromised to reach out to important relationships or worse yet, deliver a eulogy to express their regard and gratitude to those that have mattered.

swa5The month of June is a very special month for us at Southwest Airlines. This June we celebrate our 40th Anniversary!

Twenty years ago, our 20th Anniversary Issue of LuvLines (Southwest Airlines' Corporate Newsletter) had a beautiful poem on the cover page – "Dare to Dream" by John Turnipseed. This is a very appropriate poem for the People at Southwest Airlines – because we dare to dream! As we showcase the work of Access to Independence, I thought the poem was a special way to introduce them to you – because they too, dare to dream! I hope their work and dreams inspire you to support this wonderful organization.


gtk_vahidVahid Moradi
President of CJ Charles Jewelers shares his key to success in the jewelry industry.

Born in Tehran, Iran Vahid Moradi came to La Jolla at a young age where he attended La Jolla High School and then the University of San Diego. At the age of 19 while still in college, he started working in the jewelry industry. His passion, dedication and commitment for the industry led him to become the respected owner of CJ Charles Jewelers in La Jolla and have made Vahid and his wife Kelly known and loved in the community.

gtk_sotoleoA Voice for Strength

Alejandra Sotelo-Solis is paving the way for Latinas and focused on making a difference in the community.

"I am the oldest of five children from a third generation family here in National City. My family is originally from Mexico and I am proud to say that I am a bilingual, bi-cultural Latina who was brought up in a tight knit family where going to Sunday mass, having menudo or carne asada are a tradition," Alejandra says to Giving Back Magazine.

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