GTK SD CENTER FOR CHILDRENThe Impact of Volunteers

For many non-profit organizations, the needs and objectives that must be met to further the mission are vast.  Many work tirelessly and selflessly to ensure that excellent support is given to a cause near and dear to their heart. The key that many non-profits utilize in meeting these goals comes through the doorway of volunteerism. As not everyone can work for a non-profit, many find great fulfillment in giving back as their time, money and other resources allow. These contributions can make a significant impact on an organization, enabling even greater financial and awareness outcomes for the purpose they serve.

gtk-Giving-Back-Magazine5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

Five years ago, Danitza and her then boyfriend Esteban had a vision: to create a magazine that shared the positive things of our Binational region, sharing the stories on both sides of the border. Over the years, the magazine has grown in size and importance: the people photographed, articles written and events attended. Many changes occurred; we celebrated the best of times at birthdays, galas and shed a tear for those we lost- we have celebrated weddings along the way, most notably that of Publishers Danitza and Esteban Villanueva.


As a Company, Safety and Preparedness are of the utmost importance. Southwest Airlines works with organizations to help the communities we serve be more prepared, and lend our support in times of need due to natural disasters.

GTK SUSAN G KOMENRaising funds to provide uninsured women access to life saving breast cancer treatments and services, the Susan G. Komen San Diego Race for the CureĀ® is set for Sunday, November 4 in Balboa Park.

"With more than 38% of San Diegans uninsured, this event is more important than ever because this is the only breast cancer walk raising funds to provide life-saving treatments and services to uninsured people in San Diego County," Laura Farmer Sherman, executive director of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, San Diego tells Giving Back Magazine. "The economy has stalled, unemployment rates are high - and the need is growing bigger every day."

GTK ART OF DENTISTRYGiving You a Reason to Smile

The Art of Dentistry is an appropriate name for the unique practice of Drs. Lawrence Addleson, Douglas Campbell and David Landau. The practice has an exceptionally talented, dedicated team that uses artistry, skillful technique and innovative technologies to provide comprehensive dentistry with an emphasis on beautiful, functional smiles. All x-rays are digital, reducing radiation up to 80 percent. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Landau are certified Invisalign providers. Surgical microscopes allow the doctors to see the tiniest details and intra-oral cameras project onto a screen, allowing doctors to show their patient exactly what they see. Lasers are used to detect decay and the outstanding dental hygienists use Lasers to clean teeth without causing discomfort. For apprehensive patients or long appointments, clients appreciate the option of conscious sedation by taking a tiny pill. Dr. Addleson tells Giving Back Magazine "We have the finest technologies because it enhances our ability to provide extraordinary care to our patients. A beautiful smile helps you present yourself with more confidence. We change the quality of life by enhancing a smile."

GTK HOENRancho Santa Fe residents Susan and Bill Hoehn are partners in marriage and in giving back. For the second year in a row they are Honorary Chairs of the ROMP gala to benefit Ronald McDonald House CharitiesĀ® of San Diego. As part of their commitment to this organization, they have donated a 2013 Mercedes-Benz C250 for raffle to help raise funds for its mission of caring for families with critically ill or injured children.

GTK MARCH OF DIMESOne day, every family will know the joy of a healthy baby. Until then, there is the March of Dimes.

March of Dimes is about all babies; they are the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health, dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

GTK PAWSPeople helping pets & Pets helping people

For the past 20 years PAWS San Diego's mission has been to preserve the human-animal bond by providing pet food and vet care to the companion animals of low income seniors, the disabled or chronically ill. By improving Animal Well-Being they reduce the burden on our animal shelters. By working collaboratively with shelters, spay & neuter programs, veterinary offices, trainers and pet supply vendors PAWS is keeping pets in their forever homes.

GTK POPULAR COMMUNITY BANKThe Best Of Both Worlds: Big-Bank Resources, Small-Bank Service

What do you call a bank that offers the financial capacity of a large bank and the flexibility and responsiveness of a small, community institution? A $39 billion,117-year-old financial institution with 24 branches in Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties and 35,000 ATMs? A bank whose customers recommend it to their friends and family?

GTK SK SANCTUARYMaking a difference

SK Sanctuary, the award winning medical spa in La Jolla, has been hosting breast cancer nights almost every month since 2001 welcoming over 3,500 in that time. Now on the last Tuesday of every other month, SK Sanctuary offers complimentary spa services to 35- 40 breast cancer patients and survivors. They come to experience free spa services and are comforted by the therapists, aestheticians and staff.

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