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By Angelica Gavaldon.

Everyone asks me how I got so skinny after I retired from the tennis tour. Specifically, I dropped around 20 pounds. How is this possible if I was training seven hours a day to get ready for a competition, compared to the one to two hour workouts I get in during my day now? Well first, I was in better shape back then, even though I am thinner now. My workout regime during my tennis days consisted of intense hours of cardio, heavy weight lifting, drilling on the tennis court and explosive track workouts.


Erika Funcke Martinez and Isabella Martinez-Funcke are a mother and daughter duo from Tijuana, México. Both Erika and then Isabella studied at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace which fittingly has a reputation of remarkable alumni. Not only are they successful entrepreneurs, they are exceptionally beautiful inside and out. Their business is a combination of photography, event decor and handmade personalized touches that showcase the art of México. We were inspired by how successful businesswomen like Erika and Isabella have been able show the world the beauty of Mexico and share the heritage through their creative ideas. This is evident in their passion and the details featured in their décor. Erika and Isabella were kind enough to share with us how they found success as well as how they are able to manage working together and staying healthy with their busy lives. Their story is a wonderful example of a truly unique mother-daughter relationship.


A 50,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, modern structure sits at the corner of Front and Island in downtown San Diego. Designed by renowned local architect, Rob Quigley, The New Children’s Museum often has a line of parents and children around the block. The daily visitors are what CEO/Executive Director Judy Forrester sees as the “bright future of our community.” In a world where turmoil, divisiveness and struggles are featured more than a future alive with hope and promise, Forrester invites the community to visit and be inspired.


Barrio Logan College Institute.

Imagine going to work every morning and taking the freeway exit named after your grandfather. This is Barbara Chavez Ybarra’s reality. As the granddaughter of the great Cesar Chavez, Barbara works in a community that celebrates his legacy, Barrio Logan, and for an organization that keeps that same community vibrant, the Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI).



Convivio is a non-profit organization that strives to celebrate all things Italian and helps the local Italian community to gather, learn, and grow. Heritage, education, and community are fundamental to their goals to preserve Italian culture, particularly in San Diego.

Feeding America

Feeding San Diego.

Denise is ready for another day at school. She has her backpack on and a smile across her face. Denise may be shy but she has a passion for learning. She likes after school programs the best. “We get taught new things, and when we are taught new things, we get smarter!” exclaims Denise.

Jewish Community Foundation

New President and CEO of Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego.

The Board of the Jewish Community Foundation (JCF) of San Diego recently announced the appointment of Beth Sirull as the new President and CEO, and holder of the Miriam and Jerome Katzin Presidential Chair. Beth most recently served as President and CEO of Pacific Community Ventures, a combined for-profit/nonprofit organization based in San Francisco dedicated to creating jobs in low-income communities.

Jewish Federation

Six million. Six million Jews senselessly annihilated by Hitler’s Nazi regime in the 1930s and 1940s. Men, women and children, old and young, frail and strong alike. Of those six million, nearly one and a half million were but children whose innocent lives were cut short far too young.

Nature Retreat

Up-Close, In-Depth Nature Experience.

In a time when technology consumes such a large part of our lives, Children’s Nature Retreat offers a unique experience to reinvigorate our connection with nature. The retreat is focused on fostering this relationship, by creating a powerful program that pairs fun and educational aspects for a memorable experience. While the retreat’s primary goal is to spark our youngest generation’s interest in the environment and the animals that inhabit it, they also seek to provide an opportunity for the entire family to rekindle their love for the world around them.

Sd Rite Care

San Diego RiteCare Childhood Language Center.

The San Diego RiteCare Childhood Language Center (CLC) has impacted the lives of local children since 1981. Their efforts are designed to help children who would otherwise not have access to speech therapy. Each child can receive up to $7,000 in customized care at no cost to the family. The organization has provided free speech and communication services to children in need through programs that are specially developed for each child.

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