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The Association of Fundraising Professionals, San Diego Chapter (AFPSD) is an association whose members work hard to raise friends and funds for many of your favorite local charities. With more than 9,000 non-profits in the San Diego area, the business of philanthropy is important in our community and the local chapter supports this business of giving by enabling people and organizations to practice effective and ethical fundraising. Connecting donors of all socio-economic means in a variety of ways to worthy and life-changing non-profits is what motivates this group.


"How are you going to make a store that only sells Bundt cakes work in the healthy San Diego market? Are you crazy?"

gtk-childrens-lifelineBy Esther Jane Paul

Thirty years ago on November 23, 1983, the seed of the idea for Children's Lifeline was planted when Nancy Reagan brought two South Korean Children on Air Force One to New York for life saving open heart surgery.


With the modern daily routine, having a life with no stress is almost impossible. There are different types of stress such as work related stress, emotional, severe and chronic. The pace of everyday life does not give us the time to create a space to perform an activity that would help us to release the stress.


San Diego-based KCM Group is a construction management and consulting company founded in 2000 by Gordon Kovtun. With 25 years in the industry, Kovtun is known for his versatility and assertive representation on behalf of his clients. KCM Group has steadily grown under his leadership to provide a wide-range of construction management services for commercial, industrial, non-profit and residential clients.

gtk-march-of-dimesWorking Together for Stronger, Healthier Babies

Premature birth is the most serious infant health problem in the United States today. It affects more than half a million babies nationwide each year, with 4,465 last year in our community. The March of Dimes is committed to reversing this trend by funding research to find the causes of premature birth and developing strategies to prevent it.

gtk-united-wayUnited Way San Diego

Did you know 30% of San Diego's third graders aren't reading at their grade level? In some parts of the county, that percentage can be as high as 72%!

gtk-loving-memorySurrounded by an Angel

Many of you may recognize Daniela Figueroa who appeared on the cover of our magazine in June of 2009. She recently contacted us to share her story that we wanted to share with you.

gtk-swa-open-armsGiving dogs a new start at a happy life

Southwest Airlines has always been devoted to each and every community that we serve. Our Employees, Customers and neighbors make the Southwest Family the LUVing place that it is, and we are proud to offer our cities more than just friendly and affordable air service. We offer our hearts to our Customers and the communities we serve! Thousands of times each year, Southwest Airlines and our Employees reach out to individuals, families and entire communities providing help where it is needed. Most donations are invisible–except to the people they affect, and sometimes invisible except for the animals they affect. It is all part of the relationship that Southwest Airlines creates that positively impacts the communities we serve.


This compact four-door sedan is the first new vehicle in America from Mercedes-Benz with a starting price of less than $30,000. Well-equipped with the latest safety features, its signature Mercedes looks are displayed everywhere from the diamond-block grille to its frameless door glass to its sweeping tail lamps.

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