Fleet Science Center

A World of Possibility.

by Brianne Brown

The Fleet Science Center, in Balboa Park, is passionate about engaging the community in the wonder of science. With their goal to connect people of all ages to the power of science to create a better future, representatives from the Fleet Science Center can often be found in the community doing just that. Leading their charge is CEO Dr. Steven Snyder, a vocal proponent of bringing together organizations to embrace what he calls “radical collaboration.”

Giddy Up

Giddy Up Chiropractic.

Dr. Bek Jarzombek is the owner of Giddy Up Chiropractic, an equestrian rider, and Doctor of Chiropractic for horses, riders, dogs, cats, livestock and exotic animals. However, her primary specialty is with horses and riders. She has been riding and competitively showing horses since childhood giving her work an elite level of expertise in the equestrian and horse-racing industries.

Humble Design

Detroit, Chicago and Seattle businesses have stepped up to help end the cycle of homelessness in their city. San Diego is next.

There is an extraordinary resource coming to the unhoused community in San Diego. The CEOs of Humble Design, Treger and Rob Strasberg, have moved from Detroit to San Diego to expand their non-profit to the West Coast.
Humble Design is a non-profit organization that uses donated goods to furnish homes for families transitioning out of homelessness. Founded in Detroit in 2009, the mission is to turn four bare walls into a clean, dignified and welcoming home. With Humble's help only 1% of families return to homelessness within 12 months. HD is environmentally conscience as it recycles over 500,000 tons of furniture per year. Humble Design has serviced over 910 families, about 5,498 individuals, in Detroit, Chicago and Seattle.

Katherine Cosmetics

Katherine Cosmetics.

Katherine “Annie” Finch, founder of Katherine Cosmetics embodies what it means to be a modern woman. Not only is she successful and intelligent but she has a kind heart that drives it all. Her genuine care for those around her, including customers, translates directly into her brand. Annie has always loved all things makeup and has worked her way up through the industry to be where she is today. From unpacking boxes and working at the Macy’s makeup counter, she went on to work for Estee Lauder for over 20 years, during which time she held positions in sales and marketing, leading orientations with influential leaders of every country allowing her to develop an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the industry.

Life Perspectives

Healing and Hope for Those Experiencing Pregnancy Loss.

Each year more than two million women and men in the United States experience pregnancy loss. These numbers do not stand alone. The loss of a pregnancy, whether through abortion or miscarriage, impacts multiple lives, including family members and friends. People faced with the emotional effects of this loss too often remain silent, or do not know where to turn for help. Those close to a loss are uncertain how to comfort people or even engage them in conversation.


Where Italy Meets France in La Jolla.

When it comes to high-end interiors in San Diego, there is only one choice- Kaz-Design Group. Based out of La Jolla and with a beautiful showroom on Girard, the company offers residential and commercial furnishings. At the helm of this design powerhouse are CEO Amir Kazerani and Riga Qadir, both New York natives that moved to San Diego in 2016.

Make A Wish


Since 1980, Make-A-Wish® has given hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions. Make-A-Wish® San Diego grants wishes to eligible children in San Diego and Imperial Counties. They rely on over 200 dedicated volunteers to grant the wishes of children in the San Diego region but are in urgent need of bilingual Spanish-speaking volunteers.

Patrons Of The Prado

Masterpiece Gala.

Patrons of the Prado is committed to raising funds to benefit ten arts, science and cultural centers on the Prado in Balboa Park, and for programs that provide educational access for San Diego school children to the world-class treasures of Balboa Park, inspiring cultural fluency for future generations.


The Heart of The New Sanford Children’s Zoo.

Renowned philanthropist T. Denny Sanford made a $30 million donation - the largest single gift the San Diego Zoo has ever received. This generous gift will go toward the estimated $69 million cost of constructing a brand-new, completely reimagined children’s zoo, to be named The Sanford Children’s Zoo.


Here For Our Youth.

Each year, more than 300 of San Diego’s foster children “age out” of the foster care system. They enter this system alone; removed from their home due to physical and emotional abuse, neglect or abandonment. It is common to hear that a child has moved 15 times to different foster homes, not to mention new schools and new surroundings. The transition into adulthood is even more difficult. They are expected to become independent, self-sufficient and contributing members of society with little or no support from others. They are among the highest at risk to end up homeless, unemployed or in prison.

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