San Ysidro Health.

San Ysidro Health is committed to caring for people and communities often overlooked or marginalized. One such community is San Diego’s vibrant LGBTQ community and the health issues affecting it.


Volunteers of America.

Dear Friends,

Vulnerable has many faces. If we all paused for just a minute, I am certain each of us could identify someone in our life who desperately needs a helping hand. At Volunteers of America Southwest, we want to be that outstretched hand for those struggling with challenging situations.


By Angelica Gavaldon.

Dr. Stephen Krant is one of the top cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons in San Diego. His passion and desire to always keep growing and his availability to serve his patients is what makes him loved throughout the community. In 1976 he founded La Jolla Plastic and Reconstructive Center and SK Clinic.


By Angelica Gavaldon.

We all know how food impacts health and how a well-balanced diet is correlated with living longer. All of our inner organs are influenced by what we feed them, and just as importantly, our skin is also impacted. There are certain foods that will make your skin healthier and younger, while others can accelerate the aging process and cause wrinkles. We need to eat certain types of foods to keep producing healthy skin cells and to help us look and feel younger.

SWA Grassroots

Southwest Airlines.

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC) serves local companies by providing them with the access to critical partners to accelerate their growth prospects; data and research to make well-informed decisions; the advocacy to maximize their investment; and the positioning needed to raise their profile and open new opportunities. Their mission is aligned with Southwest Airlines’ dedication of serving people and championing community. We are proud of our long history of giving back and empowering the communities where our Employees and Customers live and work. Partnering with EDC gives us an opportunity to help shape our region’s future and be part of something really great! Join us!


15th Annual Flavors of San Diego Culinary Event.

The American Liver Foundation is the leading source of information on liver health and liver disease. They carry out their mission through education to promote liver health and disease prevention. They offer several Community Education Programs that are interactive and age appropriate.


Cal Coast Cares Foundation.

One of San Diego’s inspiring non-profit education supporters invites you to be part of something special that can make a real difference in the lives of local students and teachers.


Getting healthy, keeping healthy.

Mayra spoke of the extreme pain and inability to work or care for her son. Hermelinda tearfully said she thought she would not be able to create the floral arrangements that were her specialty. Juan excitedly told of relief from excruciating head pain so that he could be daddy once more and play with his young children. They all prayed for an angel to come and help them. These angels are the volunteer physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists, and various healthcare professionals mobilized into action by Champions for Health (CFH), a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve community health and wellness, access to care for all, and support for physicians through engaged volunteerism. This CFH vision is to get people healthy, and to keep people healthy, through an integrated approach of service provision and partner collaboration.


The 110th Anniversary Charity Ball.

The Charity Ball is one of our region’s grand expressions of commitment to the children of San Diego. For more than a century, the volunteer-organized Charity Ball has brought together community leaders and supporters for a night of elegance and entertainment. It is one special evening each year, but the night has long-lasting impact on the children of our region.


Thanksgiving Day 5k.

Every Thanksgiving since 2002, thousands of people come together in Balboa Park to give back to others with their family and friends. This year will be no different. On November 22nd, 2018, Father Joe’s Villages will hold their 17th Annual Thanksgiving Day 5K to raise funds and awareness for their programs.

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