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By Angelica Gavaldon.

I don't know about you, but as soon as the weather starts cooling down, I see the beautiful fall leaves, and smell the winter air, I immediately start craving longer sleep and more comfort food. This is one of the times that it is proven that diets don't, and never will, work. All your efforts to stick to the diet, do paleo, or only eat protein go down the drain. However, it is possible to eat healthy most of the time by applying an 80/20 approach. This way you can keep eating healthy as well as a bit of what you crave to sustain your well-being through the holiday season. As the festivities approach, I want to suggest that this year you try something different: enjoy them and the food. Don't label food as good or bad, instead try moderation. If you think about it, did anybody really gain weight by having two or three bites of cake or one tamale?


Rebeca Lan Foundation.

Rashel Galicot was born in Texas and raised in Mexico City where she lived and studied until 1996. She currently lives in San Diego, and is the director of the Rebeca Lan Foundation (RLF). Following in her mother’s footsteps and determined to keep her mother’s passion to aid the less fortunate, Rashel founded the RLF. Despite her work schedule, she still makes her family her priority - she is a mother of four and a devoted wife. Rashel has been kind enough to share with us how she balances it all and after interviewing her, I can tell you that there are no excuses for not making a difference in someone else's life. This is her story.


Southwest Airlines Spotlight.

Over the decades Southwest Airlines has established themselves as an organization that cares about their passengers and the communities they serve. From charitable giving and community outreach to environment initiatives, their Team is dedicated to making a difference. As such, they take great pride in recognizing those within the community who share the same goals and have taken it upon themselves to bring about positive change for others. Two such individuals are Mel and Linda Katz.

Sd Police

San Diego Police Department (SDPD).

At the head of the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) is a remarkable leader, who also happens to be a woman. Chief of Police Shelley Zimmerman is well known locally for her friendly approachability as well as her strength when keeping the peace in challenging times. She is also nationally known for keeping a step ahead on many fronts, including the key area of community oriented policing.

Voices For Children

Voices for Children (VFC).

Children in foster care astonish us every day. Despite the challenges they face or the abuse they have endured, these boys and girls inspire us with their resilience. But no matter how resilient they may be, children need the consistency of a caring adult in their lives. Someone to tell them they are smart, they are capable, they are worthy of their time: someone to help them see a future full of hope and possibility. For a child in foster care, that person is their CASA - their Court Appointed Special Advocate.


Teaming up to give back.

Coming from humble beginnings, MasterChef Winner Season 6, Chef Claudia Sandoval, was raised by a single mom and grandmother who taught her to cook at a young age. For Claudia, food is the foundation of love and passion. When auditioning for MasterChef, this young, single, Latina mother, was not confident she would be chosen for the FOX network show. After winning the popular network television show, Chef Claudia started a successful private dining business and has also authored a cookbook Claudia's Cocina ‐ A Taste of Mexico.

Charity Ball

Supporting the Trauma Center at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.

Alexandra and Nicholas arrived home one day to a parent’s worst nightmare – a fire truck pulling into their driveway and the family’s nanny cradling the oldest of their triplets. Four-year-old daughter, Tasie, had been struck by a 250-pound wooden statue, and was unconscious.

Jew Fed

Jewish Federations of North America.

Like many of us, Kira Finkenberg watched in horror while hurricane Harvey obliterated Houston. As the wreckage and devastation continued to reveal itself, Kira knew she had to act. Without hesitation, she hopped on a plane and joined 20 of her other National Young Leadership Cabinet friends to assist some of the most impacted and desperate communities. “There was a tremendous amount of work,” Kira shared with Giving Back Magazine. “A lot of water, mold and bad smells, but the trip was worth it; our group was small, but mighty”. This is National Young Leadership Cabinet (NYLC). This is the future.

Extreme Sailing

By: Alexis Maness.

From October 19th through the 22nd, San Diegans will have the opportunity to see sailing as they have never seen it before. The Extreme Sailing Series will be in town for this event that has made its way around the world.
During the competition, the organization will raise money for two San Diego charities; the SEAL Family Foundation which provides support for Naval Special Warfare families as well as Rady Children’s Hospital, contributing vital funding for research and resources. Additionally, Friday the 20th will be a Military Appreciation Day with free admission for two into the VIP tent.

Flavia Flores

Chemotherapy and Beauty.

When the going gets tough, the tough, in this case Flavia Flores, get going. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, Flavia found herself in a dark place that was far from the life she had always known. However, she was able to pick herself back up and make good use of her experience working as a model in Brazil.

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