Snow, Santa, & Song.

While San Diego might remain warm and sunny through the winter, there will be no shortage of holiday cheer complete with caroling, snowfall, and festive fun. California Center for the Arts, Escondido is bringing their Winter Wonderland Festival to life once again on December 1st. The memorable event has become a tradition for many North County families. Beginning at 3:00 pm, you and your family can enjoy the many fun activities they have planned including visiting with Santa’s reindeer and the man of the hour himself, Santa. The exciting meet and greets allow for an up-close opportunity to enjoy some holiday magic, make a final wish for the perfect gift, and commemorate the occasion with photos.


UC San Diego Center For Better Beginnings.

After a very successful inaugural fund-raising event this past summer, the Nine Months Matter Coalition works tirelessly to increase awareness about the danger of prenatal alcohol exposure throughout all nine months of a pregnancy.


Father Joe’s Villages.

For people living on the streets of San Diego, hunger is more than just an aching in their stomachs. It is a reminder that they have nowhere to go. Without a welcoming place to return after a long day, a kitchen in which to make memories, or a table at which to enjoy a warm meal with the people they love, people experiencing homelessness are often left feeling empty. A meal is more than just a way to alleviate hunger. At Father Joe’s Villages, a meal is a door to a better life.


Giddy Up Time.

My name is Dr. Bek Jarzombek. I am an equestrian rider and a Doctor of Chiropractic for horses and riders. My personal story and experience with horses are the inspiration behind the creation of the 501(C)(3) nonprofit wellness charity, Giddy Up Time. Giddy Up Time provides mobile, concierge chiropractic care for young equestrian riders paying their own way, low income individuals, those working on the backside of the racetrack, and those owning rescue animals, OTTBs (off-the-track thoroughbred), and animals being rehomed.


Giddy Up Time.

At Home of Guiding Hands (HGH), where more than 3,200 people with developmental and intellectual disabilities are supported, there are a growing number of adults who have achieved the dream of living with a family they can call their own.


Helping Shape the Future of Classroom Design.

From trendy brightly-colored shared offices to libraries equipped with digital technology, private and public spaces have evolved over time. For several years, co-working companies have prioritized communal spaces and the distribution of light to make offices bright and appealing. In the public sector, cities are equipping public libraries with spaces for electronics, laptops, Skype stations and 3D printers to stay relevant. With all these changes happening to modern spaces, administrators and educators of today’s K-12 classrooms are looking for similar solutions for the classroom of the future, departing from old-fashioned model of rows of chairs and front-facing desks.


Helping Shape the Future of Classroom Design.

Es considerada una rama de la medicina encargada del estudio del comportamiento de los gases dentro del cuerpo humano a presiones atmosféricas elevadas, así como el estudio de ciertas enfermedades tratables en base a la administración sistemática de gases comprimidos por vía respiratoria. Es una modalidad terapéutica no invasiva en la cual el paciente respira oxígeno puro en el interior de una cámara presurizada en forma de cilindro hermético capaz de soportar una presión atmosférica mayor a la ambiental.


South Bay Community Services.

Every year, preschool-age children who have been impacted by domestic violence or abuse are waitlisted for a school that specializes in helping them heal from trauma. But beginning next year, more children will have the opportunity to begin to thrive thanks to a $1.7 million grant to expand classrooms at the therapeutic preschool in Chula Vista.


Nerves of Steel.

Since 2010, the San Diego Police Foundation has presented Women in Blue, an initiative that calls attention to the remarkable women who have pursued careers in law enforcement. These leaders don’t all wear blue uniforms, nor do they do the same job or work for the same organization, but they all have one not-so-surprising characteristic in common: nerves of steel.


The Tax Benefits of Charitable Planning.

Can charitable gift planning help you lower your income taxes this year? Yes! There are numerous ways you can make the move from tax dollars to charitable giving, become a philanthropist and support the mission of Sharp HealthCare Foundation.

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