Blanca Hernandez

USD Student Honors Those Who Came Before Her and Will Support Those Who Come After.

Blanca Hernández is proud to be the current recipient of the Comité México Scholarship at the University of San Diego and says it is humbling to know the scholarship was made possible, in part, by the generosity of alumni from Mexico or of Mexican descent who came before her.

Comité México was established in 2009 by a group of Mexican alumni, parents and friends. In 2015, the group endowed a scholarship fund that supports students from Mexico and of Mexican descent. Hernández, who expects to graduate in 2020, is grateful to follow in their footsteps and to one day honor their legacy by paying it forward.

Health Tips

By Angelica Gavaldon.

With a new year ahead of us, we get very excited to start it off right. Many of us have a list of resolutions we would like to accomplish to make a positive change in our lives. I am not a fan of making resolutions because as we all know, for most of us, after a few weeks into whatever it was we promised ourselves, we start to lose motivation. Here is a list of changes you can make that are more achievable and can get you started on your heathiest year.

Salud Vivian

A Style All Her Own.

Vivian Moreno is a talented young woman from Tijuana, Mexico who I have coached throughout her junior tennis career. It is always fulfilling to see that the discipline tennis teaches can provide value to my students well into their professional careers. Vivian is now a child psychologist and serves as the head of the Psychology department for the Reggio Institute primary school in Tijuana. In addition to her career in psychology, she is now a fashion consultant who has become “Insta-famous”. Her insight and analysis on the latest trends proves that a hobby can turn into a successful career. Building on her dedication and hard work on the tennis court, she has transitioned into success and maintaining her health with her busy lifestyle.

Swa Grassroots

SWA Community.

Southwest Airlines started as a small business and is proud of its continued commitment to champion entrepreneurs. Knowing our humble beginnings, we recognize the importance of supporting small businesses in the communities we serve. In addition to actively engaging with chambers of commerce in the cities we serve, our Supplier Diversity program is dedicated to supporting disadvantaged, small, minority-owned, and women-owned businesses.

This month, I share with you an inspiring story of how Luis “Luisteen” Gonzalez’s perseverance, preparation, and view on life has helped him overcome obstacles. He has sought to be the best in his class by traveling the world and learning best practices. His generosity in giving back has always been at the forefront and has supported the nonprofit community.

Just as we at Southwest Airlines know the challenges of starting small, it is that dedication that has allowed entrepreneurs like Luisteen let their dreams take flight.

Coming In 2018

Coming in 2018.

Ten years ago, we set forth to launch our publication: Giving Back Magazine. It was new territory as no one had ever published a bi-national magazine in two languages! We were wonderfully surprised to be welcomed by the community on both sides of the border. Over the years, we have shared stories of the people that are making our region better, and how together we are making a difference.


Our hope for the future.

Krystal Salas has high hopes for her future. She is only a senior in high school, and will be the first in her family to go to college, but she knows, through STEM internships and workshops at Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI), that the biotech industry in San Diego needs more qualified workers, especially women and minorities. She is looking to answer that call by becoming an aerospace engineer. In fact, she has been working on it since the third grade as a student at BLCI. Specifically, this past summer she interned at HP where she experimented with technological products that sparked her curiosity even further.

Crew Classic

at the San Diego Crew Classic.

Brunch is a favorite past-time for almost any San Diegan. With the beautiful weather, breathtaking views in nearly every part of the county whether it be the city or the near the coast, and culinary specialties of all varieties, it is no surprise that that is how many like to spend our weekend mornings. Nothing says San Diego like a brunch on the bay. This special opportunity is the Classic Brunch by the Bay presented by the San Diego Crew Classic on March 25, 2018. The fun affair is an annual fundraiser held in support of the San Diego Crew Classic. Now in its 45th year, the Crew Classic is one of the largest rowing regattas in the world. With a rich rowing history, San Diego is a great host to this competitive and riveting event which brings out droves of locals, competitors and tourists each year. This year, it is expected to welcome 4,000 athletes from 14 to 80 years of age representing over a hundred crew teams from across the country as well as Canada and Mexico.


Solutions for San Diego.

2017 has been an especially important year for Father Joe’s Villages. Under the leadership of President & CEO, Deacon Jim Vargas and Board Chairs Ed Witt and Joe Ergastolo, Father Joe’s Villages staff, volunteers and donors have worked together to enact effective solutions to homelessness in San Diego.

Jab Boxing

Solutions for San Diego.

JAB Boxing Club is South Bay’s newest and most exciting fitness facility that allows members to maintain their physical health while also empowering themselves. The gym, owned by Frank Carrillo, opened this September and is managed and operated by Christina Suggett and Andrew Wooters. JAB offers two challenging but rewarding programs, Group Cross Box Fitness for boxers of all levels and Youth Boxing for those ages 7 to 17, providing everyone with an opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of boxing such as decreased stress and improved coordination. Their memberships provide great value including access to any group class or open gym time as well as training with experienced individuals, even some professional athletes. Recently, Floyd Mayweather Sr. came to the gym to train, spar and meet the youth involved in the gym’s youth boxing programs!

Jewish Community Foundation

Brought to you by Jewish Community Foundation.

Here are some tips to consider from five professional advisors who have recently completed the 2017 Trusted Charitable Advisor Program at the Jewish Community Foundation.

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