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The Chicano Federation of San Diego County was established in 1969 to provide a variety of comprehensive, neighborhood-based services and empowering opportunities to a large and diverse population.

Linda And Mel Katz

Linda & Mel Katz, Advocates of Children's Mental Health 

When you think of memories that brought joy to your childhood, what would they be?

Would it be the joy of riding your bicycle down a hill as the wind kissed your skin? The feeling of being invincible as you ran around wearing a superhero cape? Or, perhaps making mud pies as you laughed about how dirty you were getting?

Dona James And Joe Renteria

Since 1979, the San Diego American Indian Health Center (SDAIHC) has worked tirelessly to meet their mission of, “excellence in healthcare with respect for custom and tradition.” SDAIHC is committed to delivering high quality, comprehensive, compassionate primary medical, dental, and behavioral health care for the whole person; body, mind and spirit. The organization has earned trust and loyalty by serving American Indian/Alaskan Native and low-income community members with respect, dignity and cultural sensitivity as a Patient Centered Medical Home and safety net for essential health care and social services. SDAIHC is a key resource experiencing more than 25,000 visits each year at its downtown facility.

Barrio Logan College Institute 1

From the moment he visited Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) as a kindergarten student to drop off his older brother and sister, Jayden couldn’t wait to get into the program. His older siblings were learning all about college and careers through this after school program. Jayden knew that every student who graduated from this program would be among the first in their families to college, but to him, it just looked super fun! He just needed to wait a few more years to apply in third grade.

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San Diego American Indian Health Center 

Since 1979, the San Diego American Indian Health Center (SDAIHC) has worked tirelessly to meet their mission of, “excellence in healthcare with respect for custom and tradition.” 


Papa Doug and Geniya Manchester.

For nearly 400 years, Thanksgiving has been a celebration of gathering and community. On this special day, we give thanks to God for the greatest gift of all - the gift of life. This Thanksgiving, and every day, we give thanks for the people we cherish the most. We acknowledge our loved ones, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and community and show how much we adore and appreciate them. Together, we celebrate our triumphs and moments of joy, and offer unconditional support to those who have suffered grief and loss.


Snow, Santa, & Song.

While San Diego might remain warm and sunny through the winter, there will be no shortage of holiday cheer complete with caroling, snowfall, and festive fun. California Center for the Arts, Escondido is bringing their Winter Wonderland Festival to life once again on December 1st. The memorable event has become a tradition for many North County families. Beginning at 3:00 pm, you and your family can enjoy the many fun activities they have planned including visiting with Santa’s reindeer and the man of the hour himself, Santa. The exciting meet and greets allow for an up-close opportunity to enjoy some holiday magic, make a final wish for the perfect gift, and commemorate the occasion with photos.


UC San Diego Center For Better Beginnings.

After a very successful inaugural fund-raising event this past summer, the Nine Months Matter Coalition works tirelessly to increase awareness about the danger of prenatal alcohol exposure throughout all nine months of a pregnancy.


Father Joe’s Villages.

For people living on the streets of San Diego, hunger is more than just an aching in their stomachs. It is a reminder that they have nowhere to go. Without a welcoming place to return after a long day, a kitchen in which to make memories, or a table at which to enjoy a warm meal with the people they love, people experiencing homelessness are often left feeling empty. A meal is more than just a way to alleviate hunger. At Father Joe’s Villages, a meal is a door to a better life.


Giddy Up Time.

My name is Dr. Bek Jarzombek. I am an equestrian rider and a Doctor of Chiropractic for horses and riders. My personal story and experience with horses are the inspiration behind the creation of the 501(C)(3) nonprofit wellness charity, Giddy Up Time. Giddy Up Time provides mobile, concierge chiropractic care for young equestrian riders paying their own way, low income individuals, those working on the backside of the racetrack, and those owning rescue animals, OTTBs (off-the-track thoroughbred), and animals being rehomed.

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