Hybrid of two cultures.

Like nearly 20 percent of OLP students, Natalia Castellanos Gonzalez ’17 crossed the US-Mexico border every day to attend the Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP). A self-proclaimed “hybrid of two cultures,” Natalia, who lives in Tijuana, made sacrifices each and every day to wake up before dawn and travel the 1.5 hour trip to OLP’s campus in the Normal Heights neighborhood of San Diego. Her parents knew in their hearts that with an OLP education, Natalia and her sisters, Daniela ’20 and Maria ’18, would have limitless opportunities upon graduation. “My parents always say that the best thing you can pass down to your children is an education,” Natalia shares with Giving Back Magazine. “They felt strongly that OLP would open doors for my future.”

Pacific Ridge

Rosarito Beach, Mexico.

Pacific Ridge School students know that sports have the ability to transcend language barriers and borders. In July, they spent three days in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, hosting basketball clinics and scrimmages with local children and youth league players. Six players from the Pacific Ridge boys’ varsity basketball team went to Rosarito to teach lessons at youth camps in the area. About 70 Kindergarten aged children lit up when coached by the older students, learning basic skills like dribbling and shooting.

Park Bankers Hill

A New Benchmark.

Sales are heating up at Zephyr’s The Park, Bankers Hill. With the recent sale of its largest penthouse, the building has set a new standard for the real estate market in the community and further validated the demand for ultra-luxurious condos by setting a record for highest priced home sold in Bankers Hill.


Philanthropy in Action.

What do a black-tie gala, teddy bears and a day on the links have in common? They are examples of philanthropy in action as people in our community have stepped up to support the mission of San Ysidro Health Center (SYHC).
Recently, SYHC held its eighth annual gala, the Black, White & Bling Bash. The event celebrated nearly five decades of service to the community and honored local individuals making a positive impact by protecting and promoting the health and wellness of the community’s underserved populations. Supporters showed philanthropy in action by helping raise over $440,000 for the organization’s mission to continue to provide compassionate high quality health services for children and seniors throughout San Diego County. These gifts came from corporations and individuals who share an interest in ensuring high quality healthcare for all.

Health Tips

By Angelica Gavaldon.

The school year is here. It can become a stressful time to adapt to a new schedule and getting the family back into the routine, so here are a few tips that help me and my son stay as healthy and stress free as possible, hopefully they will help you and your children:

1. Adjust their sleeping schedule.

Summer vacation is filled with a lot of activities, camps, friends and family gatherings. As such, bed time often goes off schedule and kids get to bed a lot later than usual. To help my son transition into waking up earlier, I adjust his alarm, starting one to two weeks prior to returning to school. If you wait to do it until the day before, your kid will most likely be overly tired and cranky! Planning their sleeping schedule ahead of time will make getting back into routine much easier.


Angelica Gavaldon.

I never thought I would become a tennis coach. For as long as I can remember, my whole life has revolved around long training hours, hitting thousands of balls, sacrificing weekends, holidays, countless important events, and not to mention exciting milestones like prom. I dreamt of retiring from the tour and never stepping on the court again. I couldn’t wait for my normal life to begin.

Two years into retirement, I started working in television. I was a commentator for a National Spanish Language sports show and a columnist online. I enjoyed it immensely. I was approached by many players that wanted me to coach them but at the time, I was not interested.

Swa Maac

Casa de Milagros.

Casa de Milagros, MAAC’s drug and alcohol recovery home for women, is celebrating 30 years of serving the San Diego community, providing a nurturing haven for residents as they transform their lives and walk the road to recovery. At Southwest Airlines, our we make it their mission to follow The Golden Rule. To do right by others, you should understand other people’s perspectives and know more about their story. We invite you to learn more about MAAC and extraordinary programs like Casa de Milagros. Now, more than ever, their programs and services are needed to assure that all San Diegans can create the lives they want …and deserve.

American Liver

The Ultimate Gastronomic Experience.

Flavors of San Diego Culinary Gala is set for Sunday September 24, 2017 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina. A culinary event that spotlights over twenty of San Diego’s premier chefs, the gala creates a one-of-a-kind gourmet experience for each guest. The evening begins with a wine reception and silent auction, at the end of which guests will join their cuisine aficionado at their table for the evening. Under the leadership of Chef Jeffrey Strauss with Pamplemousse Grille, this year’s Chef Chair, each participating chef will prepare a customized five-course gourmet dinner cooked table-side. Guests enjoy these signature cuisines and wine pairings, while also participating in a live auction for trips, surprises and parties. Adding to the evening, each chef creates their own ambiance at their respective tables with personally inspired themes including exquisite table centerpieces, decorations, gifts for their guests and much more. Nowhere else can San Diegans be spoiled by these culinary masters - creating a menu that goes above and beyond the usual restaurant fare - while also benefiting a worthy cause.

Bay Fair

Mission Bay’s three-day end of summer party.

For over 50 years, Bayfair has featured the world's fastest boats competing during nonstop action on Mission Bay. More than 75,000 spectators are expected on East Vacation Island and Fiesta Island over three days of racing, which also includes beer gardens, a large food village and kids’ activities.

Center For Beginnings

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are the nation’s leading known preventable cause of intellectual and behavioral disabilities and birth defects. It is estimated that 2-5% of children in the United States are impacted by this disorder, making it more common than autism. It is shocking to realize that alcohol - not cocaine or heroin or methamphetamine - has the greatest adverse impact on the developing baby. There is no cure, only prevention and costly supportive services for the child.

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