Nature Retreat

Up-Close, In-Depth Nature Experience.

In a time when technology consumes such a large part of our lives, Children’s Nature Retreat offers a unique experience to reinvigorate our connection with nature. The retreat is focused on fostering this relationship, by creating a powerful program that pairs fun and educational aspects for a memorable experience. While the retreat’s primary goal is to spark our youngest generation’s interest in the environment and the animals that inhabit it, they also seek to provide an opportunity for the entire family to rekindle their love for the world around them.

Sd Rite Care

San Diego RiteCare Childhood Language Center.

The San Diego RiteCare Childhood Language Center (CLC) has impacted the lives of local children since 1981. Their efforts are designed to help children who would otherwise not have access to speech therapy. Each child can receive up to $7,000 in customized care at no cost to the family. The organization has provided free speech and communication services to children in need through programs that are specially developed for each child.

Usd Latin Faculty

USD’s Comité Mexico Celebrated Its Ninth Annual Reunion in Mexico City.

An intimate group of alumni and friends joined Comité Mexico for the University of San Diego’s Ninth Annual Alumni Reunion on March 2 in the auditorium at Club Piso 51 in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City.

During the event’s inaugural educational lecture, Jaime Alonso Gómez, PhD, the dean and a professor of management at USD’s School of Business, discussed the Strategy and Culture in a Global Economy: Skills and Competencies for Effective Decision Makers.

Health Tips

Health Tips.

Today I am providing you “The Excuse List”. I hear this all the time; for example, I hear how people don't have time to take care of themselves, to work out, and eat healthy. I am lucky to have a job that keeps me in shape, but I also know plenty of men and women that have regular jobs, are full time parents, and still manage to squeeze in the time to eat healthy and exercise each day.
Here is a list of excuses and their solution. Now get up and get moving!


Former First Lady of Tijuana.

Carolina Bustamante de Garcia is the former First Lady of Tijuana, Baja California. She is an inspiration to all mothers by showing that it is possible to have, and do it all. Not only has she been an amazing wife and raised two beautiful daughters, she also runs her own business, Mercado Licha. Above and beyond these impressive feats, she has also been helping orphanages while managing to take care of herself and live a healthy life style. After learning more about her, I hope she inspires you, as she did me.


Southwest Airlines.

The Southwest Airlines Community Affairs & Grassroots Team works tirelessly to build strong and strategic relationships in the communities we serve. By fostering these true partnerships, Southwest Airlines proves its commitment to making a difference. Southwest Airlines believes community is more than a place - it’s at the heart of what brings us together. As part of our journey of commitment to education, we feature UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla and his dedication to improving college access and affordability in underrepresented and low-income families. We applaud Chancellor Khosla for his commitment to giving back.

Mission Fed

We’re With You.

Since their beginnings in 1961, Mission Federal Credit Union has been dedicated to strengthening, enriching, and improving the communities in which we live, work and play. Through regional partnerships with a children’s hospital, a food bank, schools, and over 200 nonprofit organizations directly committed to a healthier, stronger, vibrant and resilient San Diego County, they are on a mission to ensure that San Diego’s success is their bottom line.


The New Children’s Museum.

San Diego County boasts over 40 museums, including a world-class children’s museum located in the heart of downtown. The New Children’s Museum opened in 2008 and has steadily made a name for itself with its practice of commissioning contemporary artists to create room-sized interactive and engaging art installations. One year shy of its 10th anniversary, the Museum has collaborated with dozens of contemporary artists from the United States, Mexico and beyond to create art focused on current and meaningful themes like recycling, food scarcity, nutrition, water conservation and sustainability.


Real Science.

The Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP), the oldest high school in San Diego and the only all girls’ school in the county, recently launched zSpace virtual reality (VR) technology on campus. The school is the first all girls’ school in Southern California and the first school in San Diego County to embrace this new technology.

Pacific Ridge

Carlsbad’s Pacific Ridge School.

At Carlsbad’s Pacific Ridge School, ethical responsibility is a daily aspect of the student experience. The school has a comprehensive service learning program and many students become ardent supporters of various causes, developing creative ways to address communities in need.

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