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Nine Months Matter Coalition.

That is the message that a newly formed Coalition is sending to San Diego. The message is that no amount of alcohol during pregnancy is safe for a developing baby. The Nine Months Matter Coalition held its first formal meeting on in early January 2018.

The idea to form the Coalition was born from the fact that an estimated 2 - 4% of children are born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, FASD. The disorder causes permanent brain damage but is frequently assumed to be other conditions such as ADHD or significant behavior problems. Alcohol during pregnancy is more dangerous to the developing fetus than cocaine, heroin or marijuana. A baby exposed to alcohol prenatally can be born with permanent brain damage leading to lifelong issues with learning and behavior. FASD is a brain-based disability that is 0% curable and 100% preventable!

The Nine Months Matter Coalition is working toward eradicating FASD and helping children who are already affected by the disorder. The Coalition is embarking on a fundraising campaign to help children already born with FASD. Interventions are desperately needed to help them navigate the world through this brain based disability. Unfortunately, neither health insurance nor disability agencies cover the intervention programs that can make a huge difference. So, it is up to the philanthropic community to help these children reach their full potential and to prevent the costly secondary disabilities such as school failure and trouble with the law. How can we not support these evidence-based interventions for a child born with FASD?

For more information on the Nine Months Matter Coalition or to see how you can help, please contact Mary Reynolds, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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