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Following one of the most active vehicle-introduction years in its history, Mercedes-Benz continues the momentum in 2018, introducing additional new and revised models.

C-Class Sedan

Sporty, spacious and sleek, the C-Class proves there's nothing as elegant as a true athlete. Muscular lines trace a body that's lean, confident and capable. A seamless flow of passion and precision describe its looks, and define its every move.

GLE Coupe

GLE Coupes are a fusion of racing-bred tenacity and finely tailored luxury. Beneath their arching rooflines and muscular shoulders, you'll experience a mix of verve and versatility and not found in ordinary SUVs and not possible in traditional coupes.

CLA Coupe

With a show-car shape and seductive details, the CLA's style is irresistible. Its profile is sleek like a coupe, yet it offers room for five and the innovation that defines a Mercedes-Benz. From its diamond-block grille to its LED taillamps, there may be no car on the road offering such eye-catching style at such an eye-opening price

E-Class Coupe

To the E-Class Coupe, tradition doesn't mean looking back, it's all about looking ahead to the future and looking forward to every drive. Within its entirely new body you'll discover the agility of an athlete and the passion of an artist.

All available at the new Mercedes-Benz of El Cajon, the #1 dealership in California for Sales and Service Customer Satisfaction. www.mbec.com

C Class Sedan 20266 300 600 80 C Class Sedan
CLA Coupe  1  20267 300 600 80 CLA Coupe 1
CLA Coupe  2  20268 300 600 80 CLA Coupe 2
E Class Coupe 20269 300 600 80 E Class Coupe
GLE Coupe 20270 300 600 80 GLE Coupe
Mercedes Benz Of El Cajon Grand Opening 20271 300 600 80 Mercedes Benz of El Cajon Grand Opening

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