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Inaugural Scholarship Recipients Honored.

Eduardo Cervantes ’17 and Claudia Domínguez ’18 were recently honored as the University of San Diego’s inaugural recipients of the Comité México Scholarship, endowed in 2015 to support students from Mexico and of Mexican descent.

Cervantes and Dominguez discussed how they plan to Lead Change during the annual Wine Pairing Dinner, hosted by Comité México, which began funding the scholarship in 2009.

“I came to USD on a scholarship, so this is full circle to help give back,” said Comité México President David Sánchez Yeskett ’98. “Having put a lot of time into this - and to see the result - is rewarding.”

Cervantes, who double-majors in ethnic studies and sociology, hopes to open a juvenile group home and sporting complex.

“This isn’t just for me; it is an honor and privilege for my family, for the community and for the people I will eventually help,” Cervantes tells Giving Back Magazine. “My goals and aspirations aren’t only mine, they’re those of everyone else who helped fund this scholarship. I hope everyone keeps that in mind and pushes me forward because I have big plans in the future.”

Dominguez - who tutors students in Spanish, psychology and writing, and volunteers with the UC San Diego Medical Center’s psychiatric inpatient unit - is earning a master’s in clinical mental health counseling.

“I wish to show my Mexican community that the stigma on mental health is being lifted; and with the help of those who can offer it, the rise of awareness and acceptance will only come faster and stronger,” Domínguez told the crowd. “Together we can do so much good for not only ourselves but others. I am not alone, there are so many others like me trying to make a difference, every day, and working towards a better tomorrow for not only our parents, nor ourselves, but also the future generations to come.” 

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