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The New President of Comité México Inspires a Culture of Philanthropy.

David Sánchez Yeskett ’98 recognizes that students of Mexican descent are part of the fabric of the University of San Diego and have been deeply rooted in its history, traditions, evolution and success since the beginning.
Sánchez Yeskett, who was born in Mexico City, is proud to be part of that legacy. As USD’s new president of Comité México, his focus is to encourage alumni, like him, to support current and future generations of students from México and of Mexican descent.

Comité México was established by a group of Mexican alumni, parents and friends in 2009. One goal was to raise $50,000 to endow a scholarship that would support Mexican and Mexican-American students. That goal was achieved in 2015 and now Sánchez Yeskett hopes to raise the bar even higher. “I have a strong desire to support the Hispanic community,” Sánchez Yeskett tells Giving Back Magazine, who worked as a campus tram driver and in USD’s language labs to help cover costs as a student. “Giving back by raising money for scholarships and helping students afford a USD education is important.”

He hopes others will follow his lead.

Sánchez Yeskett lives life influenced by the cultures and traditions on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. His mother’s side of the family did not speak much Spanish and his father’s side did not speak much English. As a child, he went to an American school in Mexico. As an adult, he attended USD and was heavily involved in its programs in Guadalajara. As general manager of a Hispanic marketing agency called Captura Group, Sánchez Yeskett was destined to bring American brands to Hispanic audiences.

Now, his role on Comité México is to bring the American tradition of philanthropy to USD’s Hispanic patrons. He hopes they will join him for a special Wine Pairing Dinner on October 26 at USD’s La Gran Terraza. Proceeds will support the Comité México Scholarship Fund.

“The concept of giving is not ingrained in our culture,” Yeskett says. “We are educating people on how they can help, why they should help and that it’s important to take pride in our legacy of philanthropy.”

To register for the Wine Pairing Dinner, go to

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