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Dr. Bek Jarzombek is the owner of Giddy Up Chiropractic, an equestrian rider, and Doctor of Chiropractic for horses, riders, dogs, cats, livestock and exotic animals. However, her primary specialty is with horses and riders. She has been riding and competitively showing horses since childhood giving her work an elite level of expertise in the equestrian and horse-racing industries.

Chiropractic ensures that nervous system health of the horse and rider are maximized to 100% capacity. This includes the brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves which give neurological instructions to all other systems in the body. Because of these principles, Dr. Bek’s work is known for amplifying athletic performance, preventing injuries and reducing recovery time for both two-legged and four-legged members of the team.

Bek’s love of horses was sparked as a little girl. She was always fascinated by anything that had the ability to go fast. Bek’s father always noted her love for speed and gave her the nickname, “Lightening”. Her first horse growing up was even named Flash of Magic. Hence, the phrasing “Giddy Up” which is very fitting and has been incorporated throughout her professional career. Through 8 years of undergraduate and chiropractic schooling, she always found a way to stay in the saddle. During her undergraduate studies, she rode on the equestrian team, serving as president of the team for two terms, and was a national qualifier for the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association.

Bek had her first personal chiropractic experience at age twelve when she was thrown from her horse, trampled and severely injured. Her posture was steadily creeping into a forward lean which compressed her diaphragm and ribcage, causing breathing problems. No one had answers until her mother took her to a chiropractor. The doctor’s examination revealed areas of the spine that had been compromised from the trauma of her accident, resulting in nerve health dysfunction. After a series of corrective visits, Bek’s posture began to improve, her breathing regulated and she regained strength, speed, agility and stamina.

She had a second experience with chiropractic ten years later when that original accident had lingering effects and began to affect her reproductive health. The impact of the trauma had compromised her lower back and pelvic nerves that supply the reproductive organs. Yet again, her chiropractor had the answer.

After having two outstanding success stories with chiropractic, Bek decided to pursue a career in the field. In addition to Dr. Bek’s human licensure, she has completed an additional animal chiropractic specialty by the American Chiropractic Certification Commission (ACCC) of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA); recognized as the world leader in animal chiropractic. These certifications demonstrate that Dr. Bek has specific standards of knowledge and clinical competency within the chiropractic and veterinarian professions.

Giddy Up Chiropractic provides mobile concierge care for humans and animals in the Greater San Diego area. However, Dr. Bek does travel outside of that area for select clientele and events. She would like to say a special thank you to all of her patients, veterinarians, farriers, trainers, riders, and other connections. She believes it is a blessing to have the opportunity to serve them. The Giddy Up motto is: “Live Life Without a Hitch.” Let’s do that.

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