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November is when people traditionally Give Thanks for something or someone.

Over the past few months, at Extraordinary Ballroom, I learned David is thankful for Judy, and they are thankful for their life together.

All of us have comfort zones. Hopefully, in a relationship, men and women do things outside their comfort zones to please each other.

Sailing and dancing are the comfort zones that bring me to David and Judy.

David loves sailing. Although Judy is not comfortable sailing, she does her best to share the joy David feels on a sailboat.

Judy loves to dance. Although I am not privy to their private conversations, I am sure “I wish you danced with me” has been said by Judy.

Therefore, when David attended the Make A Wish Fundraiser at the Coronado Yacht Club in April and saw the silent auction item of five free dance lessons at Extraordinary Ballroom, David knew this was a way to show Judy how thankful he was for her. He submitted the winning bid.

After an interview of their dance experience, I started their free lessons with learning the waltz.

This now becomes a bad news, good news story.

The bad news was five lessons would not get David to be the dance partner he felt Judy deserved.

The good news was, after realizing how committed David was to pleasing Judy, I set aside the five-hour limitation and agreed to teach them, as long as it took, to dance the waltz.

And, David improved. Through lessons and practice by himself, David became a confident dancer. He learned the waltz and when Judy suggested they learn another dance, he readily agreed.

They chose rumba and asked to donate their $1,000 fee to the International Bird Rescue.

I would like to say the similarities to waltz made rumba easy for David.

Although David is still not as comfortable on the dance floor as he is on the ocean, he is confidently navigating the steps of waltz and rumba.

When they attend their next function where dancing is an option, I believe David and Judy’s friends will marvel at them on the dance floor and be amazed when Judy tells them what David went through for her to learn to dance.

So, as David and Judy give thanks for each other, I believe there are other men and women whose partners have said “I wish you danced with me.”

Why not Give Thanks to someone in your life who loves to dance and come with them to Extraordinary Ballroom?

Maybe they will agree to go out of their comfort zone and share the joy of doing something you love.

Wouldn’t that be Extraordinary?

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