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Terry Jordan’s path to Extraordinary Ballroom began in 2005. After careers in military and civilian government service, he decided to move from San Diego to Oakland and enroll in the Ballroom Dance Teachers College. However, in 2006, advanced cancer sidelined him from the dance floor and Terry came back to San Diego to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Following recovery and remission, Terry resumed dance training. Near the end of 2015 he was diagnosed with cancer once again, returning to San Diego for successful treatment. By now, Terry could not help but believe he survived because someone else knew that by giving back, they could help make the impossible possible. With this thought in mind, he created Extraordinary Ballroom, where Ballroom Begins With Charity.

By charging a base fee per dance of which 100 percent is donated to charity, Extraordinary Ballroom gives back in their own unique way. No matter how many lessons or practice sessions it takes to be a confident and socially proficient dancer, you never pay more than the base fee. This is the perfect opportunity for someone who believes they can't learn to dance. Dancing will not only can make a difference in your life, it can have a positive impact on someone else.

Since opening Extraordinary Ballroom in late 2016, Terry has donated over $8,000 to charitable organizations and participated in numerous fundraising events. He has also contributed over 500 hours of dance lessons in silent auction and donor recognition certificates.

Extraordinary Ballroom has partnerships or relationships with Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation, Make A Wish San Diego, Scripps Mercy Hospital and Health Foundation, Seacrest Foundation, American Heart Association, Father Joe’s Villages, San Diego Humane Society, Susan G. Komen San Diego, Mama’s Kitchen, The Arc of San Diego, Cygnet Theatre Company, UCSD Movement Disorders (Parkinson’s), Sanford Burnham Prebys, San Diego Center for Children, San Diego Food Bank, Champions for Health, San Diego Zoo, ZERO Prostate Cancer Foundation, UCSD Moores Cancer Center, Casa de Amparo, Alzheimer’s Association, USO San Diego, Barrio Logan College Institute, FACE Foundation, Voices for Children, Children’s Tumor Foundation, and San Diego Symphony. These organizations believe in the mission of Extraordinary Ballroom Dance Studio and recognize the value and benefit that the experience brings to their fundraising efforts and goals.

In addition to teaching dance, Terry visits organizations, support groups, and individuals to share his personal experience and belief that dance can serve as a foundation for your own wellbeing, as well as a bridge of communication between people during emotionally difficult times. Whether you have a partner to join you or choose to embark on the journey on your own, dancing can play an important role in your life. From the first dance at your wedding to celebrating an anniversary, special event, or a romantic experience, there is profound symbolism communicated to one another and to the world when you dance. Life will always have occasions when you have the choice to sit it out or to dance. Which will you choose?

If you are ready to make dancing a part of your life, please contact Terry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He welcomes you to begin the Extraordinary Ballroom experience. It is his fervent hope you, too, will believe that ballroom begins with charity.

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