Giddy Up Time.

At Home of Guiding Hands (HGH), where more than 3,200 people with developmental and intellectual disabilities are supported, there are a growing number of adults who have achieved the dream of living with a family they can call their own.

HGH is one of the few agencies in San Diego County with an adult foster care program. Their services connect people with developmental disabilities to loving families. All you need is a warm heart, a loving home and a readiness to make a commitment to an individual who wants to become a part of your family.

Meet two HGH foster care families.

“We went into the program hoping to enrich the lives of two people. But as it turns out, those two people have enriched ours.”

Paige and her husband Dan were raising two little girls when they decided to foster a child. And not just any child, but a child with special needs. Trent was three months old when he came into their lives, and by the time he turned four, he was officially adopted into the family. He became the brother and son the family adored.

When Trent turned 20, Paige and Dan realized they had room in their lives to foster again; the girls were grown and starting families of their own, and their experience in adopting Trent had been so rewarding. It was through the recommendation of a friend that Paige connected with Home of Guiding Hands.

Five years ago, Bruce age 55, and Nathan, age 25, joined Paige and Dan along with Trent. They are included in the everyday happenings and experience the joys of their home. Dan and Paige assist them with their daily activities such as cleaning, preparing meals, and money management. Paige said, “Nathan and Bruce are always eager to pitch in. They have huge hearts and are caring individuals. Because of their personalities and wonderful sense of humor, we laugh with them every day. I can’t imagine life without them. They are part of our family.”

Nathan and Bruce are happy and living a full life. And as for Trent, he thinks his roommates are "really cool."

“Being part of the HGH Adult Foster Program has truly been a life-changing experience.”

Denise is relatively new to the HGH Adult Foster Program. She is thrilled to provide a warm and inviting home for a young woman named Natalie. Together they are navigating their new family dynamic.

Denise shared with Giving Back Magazine, “Being part of the HGH Adult Foster Program has truly been a life-changing experience. There are no words to describe the bond you form with your foster client. You become a teacher, a coach and someone to guide that person to live their independent life. But in reality, they teach you so much more. There is nothing like sharing your home with someone who has a disability who works hard every day to be an independent person. At times, you forget they even have a disability. Every day is an adventure. It has been one of the most fulfilling and meaningful experiences I have ever encountered.”

HGH offers extensive training, one-on-one support, and generous monthly stipends for every foster family. For more information, contact Lynn Scott at (619) 954-7847 or visit www.guidinghands.org for more information.

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