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San Ysidro Health’s Legacy.

Women made it happen. San Ysidro Health was founded by seven women to ensure healthcare for their community nearly 50 years ago. Today women are still making it happen. Luz Elena Gomez and her daughters, Kimberly and Yocelyn Gomez were this year’s Legacy Chairs and Catherine M. Arambula led the Philanthropy Leadership Council to raise funds at Monte Carlo: A Night to Remember - a gala effort to support excellent health services to all.

Luz Elena and her daughters, Kimberly & Yocelyn, have a long history of service to San Ysidro Health. When they began to volunteer in 2015 they were astounded by the need in the community for healthcare and amazed by the extraordinary efforts made at San Ysidro Health to provide the care. It steeled their resolve to make a difference. Each year they give their time, talent and treasure to bring more support to San Ysidro Health, and this year was exceptional. As Legacy Chairs they made themselves available to the media and to the organization, helping to raise over $500,000 through the gala to support programs and services.

Catherine Arambula is a financial advisor at Northwestern Mutual, and understands the importance of access to care and the devastating financial impact ill health can have on a family. This year she came forward to volunteer to create the Philanthropy Leadership Council to align local philanthropically inclined individuals and corporations with the mission of San Ysidro Health. “When I saw the scope of services San Ysidro Health provided throughout San Diego and understood the need for continuous funding, it just made sense!”

These four women have become empowered to make a difference in the health of our community. They have committed to the mission of San Ysidro Health. If you would like to join them, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Catherine Arambula 22570 300 600 80 Catherine Arambula
Kimberly Gomez 22571 300 600 80 Kimberly Gomez
Luz Elena Gomez 22572 300 600 80 Luz Elena Gomez
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SanYsidroHealth GalaChairs JDixxPhoto 000B2 22575 300 600 80 SanYsidroHealth GalaChairs JDixxPhoto 000B2
Yocelyn Gomez 22576 300 600 80 Yocelyn Gomez
Yocelyn  Luz Elena And Kimberly Gomez 22577 300 600 80 Yocelyn Luz Elena and Kimberly Gomez

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