By Angelica Gavaldon.

Dr. Stephen Krant is one of the top cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons in San Diego. His passion and desire to always keep growing and his availability to serve his patients is what makes him loved throughout the community. In 1976 he founded La Jolla Plastic and Reconstructive Center and SK Clinic.

I am always fascinated to learn the secret to one’s success; here is how Dr. Krant has forged his path: 

What inspired you to become a cosmetic surgeon? 

My initial training at Yale and Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center was mostly reconstructive surgery including hand, congenital cancer (breast and head/neck), trauma, and burns. I had great experiences and training in the basics of surgery. My cosmetic surgery practice developed over the years, so that now my practice is about 80% cosmetic and 20% reconstructive.

What sets you apart and what is the secret to your success?

I have always maintained a broad approach to plastic and reconstructive surgery. There is a natural bond between the two. “Ability, availability, affability” was advice from my professor and it is true.

What keeps you motivated and passionate about your work?

It is easy when you love what you do. Surgery itself is stimulating, challenging, and creative on a daily basis. Even though procedures may be similar, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, the individual patient and his/her specific needs are different in terms of scope and difficulty. I continue to be impressed by the strength and courage of my breast cancer reconstruction patients.

What is the most important factor in staying healthy?

Keeping active mentally and physically. Having a loving, nurturing wife and four wonderful children is a constant reminder about the importance of family and love. My mom always reminded me of the “power of positive thinking.”

What would you say are the top three things for a younger appearance?

1. Skin Care – maintenance of healthy skin with sunscreen, moisturizers, topical (medical grade) products on a daily basis.
2. Weight management – not only will you feel better and be more mobile, you will look better and fit into clothes you’ve loved.
3. Positive thinking/attitude – As stated above, this will continue to motivate you on a daily basis.

Do you think physical appearance is connected to being mentally healthier?

Not only appearance, but a healthy body adds to a more positive attitude. When we are physically healthier, our body chemistry is “healthier”, and our hormones allow us to think more positively.

What is your fitness routine or what do you do to stay fit?

Workout 3 mornings per week at the gym and Pilates two mornings per week. I’ve found that stretching, both active and passive, are beneficial to my ability to practice surgery and to maintain an active lifestyle.

How important is nutrition for you and what is your diet like?

My diet consists of plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, eating chicken, fish or lean meat every day.

What do you enjoy most about San Diego?

We love spending time at the beach either walking our dog Honey, watching the sunset or just strolling on the beach. As a plastic surgeon, I appreciate the very high quality of medical and surgical care and expertise in our community.

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