Giddy Up Time.

My name is Dr. Bek Jarzombek. I am an equestrian rider and a Doctor of Chiropractic for horses and riders. My personal story and experience with horses are the inspiration behind the creation of the 501(C)(3) nonprofit wellness charity, Giddy Up Time. Giddy Up Time provides mobile, concierge chiropractic care for young equestrian riders paying their own way, low income individuals, those working on the backside of the racetrack, and those owning rescue animals, OTTBs (off-the-track thoroughbred), and animals being rehomed.

I grew up in a cluster of towns in Virginia, known as the “Seven Cities” or “Hampton Roads”. They are situated on the southern border of the state, neighboring North Carolina. Suffice it to say there was a mix of beaches, metropolitan areas and farming. There was no lack of horses, barns, fields or trails.

I caught the riding bug as a little girl. My family owned two horses for a short period of time, but the majority of my young riding years were spent ‘catch-riding’ other people’s horses. I would ride anything anyone would let me get my hands on. I would often help with barn chores, muck stalls, scrub water troughs and help clean to earn my riding time. Little riding instruction was given, but the time I spent on my own with the horses made me the horsewoman I am today. This included rescue horses, OTTBs (off-the-track thoroughbreds), young horses, gaited horses and retired horses. I quickly gained experience with many different breeds, disciplines, ages, and personalities.

My happy place for riding was often traversing trails in the woods or galloping through the corn, cotton and tobacco fields of Virginia. This was fun for a time, but as the years went on, I wanted to show horses. I became very knowledgeable about riding, the equestrian sport, horse showing, horse racing and the large expenses associated with all of it. My family was not able to afford the luxury of horse showing. However, when I went away to college, I tried out for the equestrian team, who provided horses for us to ride. My riding ability increased but lack of past horse show experience was evident. This made me the perfect candidate for a division that required little to no show experience, according to the USEF and USHJA records. I made the team, dominated my “beginner” division, and became a national qualifier. As the years progressed in school, I was elected as president for my team, helping lead my fellow teammates that had been horse showing their entire lives. My experience of starting as the underdog and rising through the ranks of leadership, changed the trajectory and perspective of my life in the equestrian industry forever. This all took place because I took chances and people believed in me.

It is never too late to dream big. If there is something you want to accomplish in life and are willing to work hard, anything is possible. Never let finances be the final factor that hinder you from moving forward. If there is a will, there is a way. There are people out there who are looking to support your success. You just have to find them.

Giddy Up Time currently offers discounted chiropractic rates for those who are eligible. The long-term vision is to develop funding that provides 100 percent complimentary chiropractic care for animals and humans in need.

If you would like to connect with Giddy Up Time or donate, please visit

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