Former First Lady of Tijuana.

Carolina Bustamante de Garcia is the former First Lady of Tijuana, Baja California. She is an inspiration to all mothers by showing that it is possible to have, and do it all. Not only has she been an amazing wife and raised two beautiful daughters, she also runs her own business, Mercado Licha. Above and beyond these impressive feats, she has also been helping orphanages while managing to take care of herself and live a healthy life style. After learning more about her, I hope she inspires you, as she did me.

Carolina was born and raised in Tijuana. She has a major in international relations and a minor in business, which she earned at USD. Bustamante has always worked with the family businesses and now has experience as the First Lady of Tijuana, where she was in charge of the DIF, or Integral Family Development. “My heart has always been in helping others. My sister, sister-in-law, friends, and I founded ‘Together for Charity’, which helps children in an orphanage in Tijuana. We are proud to partner with Giving Back Magazine and Westfield UTC for a fashion show benefit that will take place later this year” Bustamante shares proudly.

To this day, Carolina’s greatest passion is owning her own business; an organic regional market and deli that sells and serves healthy food. When we asked her to what she owed her success over the last three years, Carolina responded, “Always looking for the best quality food and artisanal products from Baja California and Mexico”. Like any success story, she has overcome many obstacles regarding human resources, vendors, clients as well as her critics.

Despite her charitable efforts and busy schedule, she still manages to make her health a priority. Her well balanced diet starts first thing in the morning by drinking warm water with lemon, a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. After exercise, she will either eat eggs with vegetables and a cactus tortilla or oatmeal with berries.

Carolina also loves to stay active with regular exercise such as tennis. Lately she has been involved in a fit challenge team, where she mixes barre, power walking, boot camp routines, and Pilates. While managing her own healthy routine, she also shares this passion with her family. For Bustamante having a happy marriage involves supporting one another while being patient and encouraging. “I feel a great responsibility to empower and raise their self-esteem in a challenging world.” Bustamante says. She tries to influence her daughters to enjoy sports and to always be active as a family. At the end of our interview, Carolina Bustamante left us with some sound final advice, “Surround yourself with people and friends who are willing to help out and return the favor!”

Carolina Bustamante And Husband Miguel Angel Garcia 17154 300 600 80 Carolina Bustamante and husband Miguel Angel Garcia
Carolina With Her Daughters 17155 300 600 80 Carolina with her daughters
Sisters Emmaluisa Amd Carolina Bustamante 17156 300 600 80 Sisters Emmaluisa amd Carolina Bustamante
Carlos Bustamante  Carolina Bustamante And Jorge Hank Rhon At DIF 17157 300 600 80 Carlos Bustamante Carolina Bustamante and Jorge Hank Rhon at DIF

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