Top San Diego Interior Designer.

Brenda Gold’s unique design sensibilities and understanding of the needs of her clients allow her to create masterful and integrated design solutions.

For over 45 years, Brenda’s family has been in the leather business and from a young age, working with her father, passions arose for textiles. Her informal training in the family business was followed by formal training at the Design Institute of San Diego and an internship with La Jolla interior designer Sheila Palmer.

Brenda learned the intricacies of European fabric houses including inspirations behind textile prints, weaving techniques, and antiques purchased from auction houses like Christies and Sotheby’s. “Sheila taught me the beauty and authenticity of antique furniture. To appreciate it and its many characteristics the history of what each piece holds,” Brenda comments to Giving Back Magazine.

As she continued to develop her style, a turning point in her life was the opportunity to work with prestigious interior designer Constance Noah. For thirteen years, Brenda would have the best learning experience. She witnessed firsthand Noah’s dedication to her clients’ projects and learning from her tutelage. When Noah retired; Brenda carried on the torch.

Taking all that she learned, Brenda applied it to her own showroom, Threads on Morena Boulevard. A retail and wholesale showroom of fabrics, leather, wallpapers and custom furniture with exceptional customer service. As a designer, she knows the importance of listening to her clients and designing what is meaningful to them. Brenda Gold’s expertise is sought-after, and her interior design is timeless, efficient, and ready to fit your needs.

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