The Salk Women & Science program unites women in the community with leaders in the fields of biological science and technology. The scientific presentation featured three Salk scientists sharing their latest discoveries influencing a very intriguing topic - the science and mysteries of weight gain and loss! Friends, entrepreneurs and researchers mingled and discussed the latest discoveries in science and technology while inspiring more women to embrace scientific research.

Amandine Chaix  Maryam Ahmadian And Sheila Rao 14375 300 600 80 Amandine Chaix Maryam Ahmadian and Sheila Rao
Arlene Esgate  Michaela Lynott And Reena Horowitz 14376 300 600 80 Arlene Esgate Michaela Lynott and Reena Horowitz
Barbara Sherman  Gloria Stone And Rebecca Newman 14377 300 600 80 Barbara Sherman Gloria Stone and Rebecca Newman
Carol Lee  Haeyoung Tang And Rita Ryu 14378 300 600 80 Carol Lee Haeyoung Tang and Rita Ryu
Gloria McCoy And Linda Balducci 14379 300 600 80 Gloria McCoy and Linda Balducci
Guadalupe Sobke  Margaret Lynn And Silvia Puffelis 14380 300 600 80 Guadalupe Sobke Margaret Lynn and Silvia Puffelis
Harper Estus And Carey Estus 14381 300 600 80 Harper Estus and Carey Estus
Janelle Ayres And Elizabeth Blackburn 14382 300 600 80 Janelle Ayres and Elizabeth Blackburn
Janelle Ayres  Ana Marie Rooney And Chris Emery 14383 300 600 80 Janelle Ayres Ana Marie Rooney and Chris Emery
Joani Nelson And Amy Rommel 14384 300 600 80 Joani Nelson and Amy Rommel
Joani Nelson  Ellen Potter And Amy Rommel 14385 300 600 80 Joani Nelson Ellen Potter and Amy Rommel
Joyce Dostart  Linda Cipriani  Patty Fuller And Elaine Christian 14386 300 600 80 Joyce Dostart Linda Cipriani Patty Fuller and Elaine Christian
Kathleen Owen And Shelly Atkinson 14387 300 600 80 Kathleen Owen and Shelly Atkinson
Marnie Bonner And Bridget Grimes 14388 300 600 80 Marnie Bonner and Bridget Grimes
Patty Greenfield And Marsha Shahon 14389 300 600 80 Patty Greenfield and Marsha Shahon
Sharon Connors And Cady Vortmann 14390 300 600 80 Sharon Connors and Cady Vortmann
Sheila Dershowitz And Eleanor Shorter 14391 300 600 80 Sheila Dershowitz and Eleanor Shorter

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