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On behalf of Donate Life America, Women Encouraging Live Donation (WELD) is helping San Diegans, and others across the country, better understand the process of live donations, in hopes of saving the lives of those waiting for a transplant. They recently hosted a fundraiser where guests included many organ donors and their organ recipients making for a unique and memorable reunion.

Carol  Mike  Lynda And Analise Hess 23447 300 600 80 Carol Mike Lynda and Analise Hess
Casey Hopkins  Bryan Horstman And Robert Clarke 23448 300 600 80 Casey Hopkins Bryan Horstman and Robert Clarke
Genene Wiebe  Linda Gandy And Carolina Aceves 23449 300 600 80 Genene Wiebe Linda Gandy and Carolina Aceves
Jackie Ogdon And David Schwartz 23450 300 600 80 Jackie Ogdon and David Schwartz
Jan Wirtz And Kristan Johnson 23451 300 600 80 Jan Wirtz and Kristan Johnson
Micki Schneider And Diane Brockington 23452 300 600 80 Micki Schneider and Diane Brockington
Patricia Mathias And Dee Kleine With Ping Pong 23453 300 600 80 Patricia Mathias and Dee Kleine with Ping Pong
Richelle And Chip Slater With Jenine Lewis 23454 300 600 80 Richelle and Chip Slater with Jenine Lewis
Susan Taylor And Diane Brockington 23455 300 600 80 Susan Taylor and Diane Brockington

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