Raising over $340,000 for Voices for Children’s Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program, the 7th annual Wine Women & Shoes was a momentous success. Above and beyond the philanthropic feat, the afternoon was fun-filled including a fashion show and marketplace along with exciting prizes such as a “Key to the Closet” and select bottles of wine.

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Carolyn Konecki And Lisa Christenson 22715 300 600 80 Carolyn Konecki and Lisa Christenson
Catherine Spray And Audra Dial 22716 300 600 80 Catherine Spray and Audra Dial
Danielle Wood  Eliza Lafferty And Emma Lewis 22717 300 600 80 Danielle Wood Eliza Lafferty and Emma Lewis
Denia And Anne Chase 22718 300 600 80 Denia and Anne Chase
Deniece Desjardins  Molly Tanner  Elizabeth Valley And Lynn Carr King 22719 300 600 80 Deniece Desjardins Molly Tanner Elizabeth Valley and Lynn Carr King
Hayley Ridenour And Joshua Meyer 22720 300 600 80 Hayley Ridenour and Joshua Meyer
Jane Caples  Linda Acosta  Melissa Rydin And Kim Burnett 22721 300 600 80 Jane Caples Linda Acosta Melissa Rydin and Kim Burnett
John Valencia  Patricia Brutten And Marina Marrelli 22722 300 600 80 John Valencia Patricia Brutten and Marina Marrelli
Kathryn Ashworth  Sharon Blanchet And Sharon Kalemkiarian 22723 300 600 80 Kathryn Ashworth Sharon Blanchet and Sharon Kalemkiarian
Katie Sullivan  Gigi Cramer And Deb Hamby 22724 300 600 80 Katie Sullivan Gigi Cramer and Deb Hamby
Kisma Orbobich  Rashelle Black And Heather Wells 22725 300 600 80 Kisma Orbobich Rashelle Black and Heather Wells
Lynn Carr King And Deniece Desjardins 22726 300 600 80 Lynn Carr King and Deniece Desjardins
Margaret Paddock  Kim Shores And Tina Thomas 22727 300 600 80 Margaret Paddock Kim Shores and Tina Thomas
Molly Tanner And Elizabeth Valley 22728 300 600 80 Molly Tanner and Elizabeth Valley
Nancy Hong  Nikoo Chitayat And Jee Shin 22729 300 600 80 Nancy Hong Nikoo Chitayat and Jee Shin
Rochelle Bold  Jenny Tyson And Becca Craig 22730 300 600 80 Rochelle Bold Jenny Tyson and Becca Craig
Sherry Bahrambeygui  Lisa Casey And Haida Mogdehi 22731 300 600 80 Sherry Bahrambeygui Lisa Casey and Haida Mogdehi
Veronica Shah And Jenny Maloney 22732 300 600 80 Veronica Shah and Jenny Maloney
Virginia Aherin And Ana Nieto 22733 300 600 80 Virginia Aherin and Ana Nieto
Ana Claudia Guedes And Amy Boyd 22734 300 600 80 Ana Claudia Guedes and Amy Boyd

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