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Benefitting Walden Family Services, Wine D’Vine 2018 featured an intimate concert with 2018 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, The Moody Blues. Guests were also treated to a variety of California wines and a 3-course dinner. The proceeds from the event support critical resources for foster youth and children including their Cal-Learn and parenting programs which support youth throughout the region.

Wine D’Vine 2018 a beneficio de Walden Family Services presentó un concierto íntimo con los nuevos reclutados para el Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Moody Blues. Los invitados pudieron degustar una variedad de vinos californianos y una exquisita cena de tres platos. Lo recaudado por el evento se destina a solventar gastos de los importantes servicios que prestan a jóvenes en cuidado de crianza y niños dentro de sus programas como el Cal-Learn y de educación que asisten a los jóvenes de la región.

 Jaye Connolly LaBelle And Jim LaBelle 25280 300 600 80 Jaye Connolly LaBelle and Jim LaBelle
 Jeffrey And Linda Gorwit 25281 300 600 80 Jeffrey and Linda Gorwit
 Julie And Dale Yahnke 25282 300 600 80 Julie and Dale Yahnke
 Larry And Tracey Stidham 25283 300 600 80 Larry and Tracey Stidham
 San Diego Wine Divine 25284 300 600 80 San diego Wine divine
 Steve Wheeler  Gigi Cramer Nad Lynne Wheeler 25285 300 600 80 Steve Wheeler Gigi Cramer nad Lynne Wheeler
 Anya Primak And Dermot Gilligan 25286 300 600 80 Anya Primak and Dermot Gilligan
 Bill And Clarice Perkins 25287 300 600 80 Bill and Clarice Perkins
 Bill Sailer  Ben Haddad  Monique Rodriguez And Greg Richardson 25288 300 600 80 Bill Sailer Ben Haddad Monique Rodriguez and Greg Richardson
 Chris And Vicki Eddy 25289 300 600 80 Chris and Vicki Eddy
 Claudia And Jeff Johnson 25290 300 600 80 Claudia and Jeff Johnson
 Dale And Kate Collier With Stacey And Kevin Chase 25291 300 600 80 Dale and Kate Collier with Stacey and Kevin Chase
 Don And Kathryn Vaughn 25292 300 600 80 Don and Kathryn Vaughn
 Ellen And TK Bryson 25293 300 600 80 Ellen and TK Bryson
 Emily And Ted Schultz With Amy And Matt Schlegel 25294 300 600 80 Emily and Ted Schultz with Amy and Matt Schlegel
 Haley  Hilary  Hal And Brandon Dunning 25295 300 600 80 Haley Hilary Hal and Brandon Dunning
 Heidi Hammond And David Drummond 25296 300 600 80 Heidi Hammond and David Drummond
 Linda Gorwit And Diana Brickley 25297 300 600 80 Linda Gorwit and Diana Brickley
 Lydia McNeil  Teresa Stivers  Sue Evans And Kathryn Stephens 25298 300 600 80 Lydia McNeil Teresa Stivers Sue Evans and Kathryn Stephens
 Marty And David Pendarvis 25299 300 600 80 Marty and David Pendarvis
 Reid Abrams And Micki Olin 25300 300 600 80 Reid Abrams and Micki Olin
 Saundra Jones And Margie Robinson Duff 25301 300 600 80 Saundra Jones and Margie Robinson Duff
 Stephanie And Steve Brownell With Arlene Lieberman 25302 300 600 80 Stephanie and Steve Brownell with Arlene Lieberman
 Stuart And Lee Posnock With Robin And Gordon Carrier 25303 300 600 80 Stuart and Lee Posnock with Robin and Gordon Carrier

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