A holiday-favorite charity event, The Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego’s Gingerbread City Gala wowed guests with seasonal cocktails and bites, performances and incredible gingerbread structures that captured the “holiday classics” theme. This year’s event honored Dr. Michael R. Cunningham and provided continued support that is essential to their free programs and services for local individuals living with epilepsy.

Celestina Pena And Jennifer Barter 20892 300 600 80 Celestina Pena and Jennifer Barter
Charlie And Maureen King With Steve And Sue Zapoticzny 20893 300 600 80 Charlie and Maureen King with Steve and Sue Zapoticzny
Danny Sanford  Beth Aselage  Michael And Jim Cunningham 20894 300 600 80 Danny Sanford Beth Aselage Michael and Jim Cunningham
Desiree Perez And Leslie Del Prado 20895 300 600 80 Desiree Perez and Leslie del Prado
Diana Brand And Claire Anne Brand 20896 300 600 80 Diana Brand and Claire Anne Brand
Diane Archambault And Beverly Scarano 20897 300 600 80 Diane Archambault and Beverly Scarano
Dick Enberg With Emily Packer And Tagg 20898 300 600 80 Dick Enberg with Emily Packer and Tagg
Gingerbread City 20899 300 600 80 Gingerbread City
John And Phyllis Parrish 20900 300 600 80 John and Phyllis Parrish
Joyce Sargis   Muske And Peter Cooper 20901 300 600 80 Joyce Sargis Muske and Peter Cooper
Kelly Rice And Jay Patel 20902 300 600 80 Kelly Rice and Jay Patel
Matt Clark  Desiree Perez And Eddie Quinn 20903 300 600 80 Matt Clark Desiree Perez and Eddie Quinn
Rebecca Reyes  Dalia Quiroz  Maria Dolce And Tracy Wang 20904 300 600 80 Rebecca Reyes Dalia Quiroz Maria Dolce and Tracy Wang
William Burfitt  Farhat Mossader  Gangram And Pamela Singh 20905 300 600 80 William Burfitt Farhat Mossader Gangram and Pamela Singh
Xochitl Villarreal And Andrea Barrios 20906 300 600 80 Xochitl Villarreal and Andrea Barrios
Carl West And Sierra Streit 20907 300 600 80 Carl West and Sierra Streit

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