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Voice of San Diego is the first digital, nonprofit news organization in the country to serve a local community. They are widely regarded as a pioneer in the nonprofit news industry and have built a sustainable business model based on the support of individual members, sponsors and the investment of local and national foundations. The organization hosted an evening to thank its supporters at MOPA in Balboa Park.

Felix Tinkov  Rachel Laing And Greg Block 21659 300 600 80 Felix Tinkov Rachel Laing and Greg Block
George Phillips  Andrea Trevlin And David Wescoe 21660 300 600 80 George Phillips Andrea Trevlin and David Wescoe
Laura Kohn  Paula Cordeiro And Morgan Justice Black 21661 300 600 80 Laura Kohn Paula Cordeiro and Morgan Justice Black
Mayor Kevin Faulconer With Ana Gomez 21662 300 600 80 Mayor Kevin Faulconer with Ana Gomez
Mitch Mitchell  Julianne Markow And Scott Lewis 21663 300 600 80 Mitch Mitchell Julianne Markow and Scott Lewis
Reid Carr  Julie And Grant Wright 21664 300 600 80 Reid Carr Julie and Grant Wright
Shane And Anna Crotty 21665 300 600 80 Shane and Anna Crotty
Andrew And Carly Keatts 21666 300 600 80 Andrew and Carly Keatts
Bill Osborne And Shirley Horton 21667 300 600 80 Bill Osborne and Shirley Horton
Colleen Windsor  Christy Ihrig And Lourdes Jimenez 21668 300 600 80 Colleen Windsor Christy Ihrig and Lourdes Jimenez
Cynthia Morgan Reed  Jesse Marx And Maria Madrid 21669 300 600 80 Cynthia Morgan Reed Jesse Marx and Maria Madrid
Doug Tribble  Kinsee Morlan And James Robbins 21670 300 600 80 Doug Tribble Kinsee Morlan and James Robbins
Felix Schlesinger And Annika Linke 21671 300 600 80 Felix Schlesinger and Annika Linke

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