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Recognizing the leaders who help make San Diego and all of Southern California a better place to live is an essential aspect of the philanthropic community. The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce’s 16th Annual Visionary Awards honored many such committed individuals including Patti Roscoe, Peter Seidler, Lidia S. Martinez, and more.

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Alex Montoya  Lidia S. Martinez  Moises Baron And Leah Koontz 22868 300 600 80 Alex Montoya Lidia S. Martinez Moises Baron and Leah Koontz
Ana Melgoza  Lidia S. Martinez  And Luisa McCarthy 22869 300 600 80 Ana Melgoza Lidia S. Martinez and Luisa McCarthy
Angie Weber And Jessika Chavez 22870 300 600 80 Angie Weber and Jessika Chavez
Antonio Cano  Alondra Alvarado And Arnulfo Manriquez 22871 300 600 80 Antonio Cano Alondra Alvarado and Arnulfo Manriquez
Bill Earley  Jaymie Bradford And Troy Gorostiza 22872 300 600 80 Bill Earley Jaymie Bradford and Troy Gorostiza
Brian Brown  Stuart Evans And Rico Salazar 22873 300 600 80 Brian Brown Stuart Evans and Rico Salazar
Brittany Russell And Kaye De Lancey 22874 300 600 80 Brittany Russell and Kaye de Lancey
Caitlin Sanders  Litzy Figueroa And Summer Jenkins 22875 300 600 80 Caitlin Sanders Litzy Figueroa and Summer Jenkins
Cameron Gharabiklou  Peter Chodzko  Jill McCullough And Jay Henslee 22876 300 600 80 Cameron Gharabiklou Peter Chodzko Jill McCullough and Jay Henslee
Carol Ravago With Bob And Sherry McElroy 22877 300 600 80 Carol Ravago with Bob and Sherry McElroy
Christina Hastings And Peter Avadeer 22878 300 600 80 Christina Hastings and Peter Avadeer
Delia Talamantez  Lidia S. Martinez  Ted Martinez Jr.  Roger Talamantez And Kelly Knox 22879 300 600 80 Delia Talamantez Lidia S. Martinez Ted Martinez Jr. Roger Talamantez and Kelly Knox
Enjoying The Day 22880 300 600 80 Enjoying the day
Inez Gonzalez  Lidia S. Martinez And Sofia Salgado 22881 300 600 80 Inez Gonzalez Lidia S. Martinez and Sofia Salgado
Jennifer Bustamante And Gilbert Fimbres 22882 300 600 80 Jennifer Bustamante and Gilbert Fimbres
Jerilyn White  Lauri Smith And Anita Kurmins Gilson 22883 300 600 80 Jerilyn White Lauri Smith and Anita Kurmins Gilson
Jill Monroe And Melissa Chaty 22884 300 600 80 Jill Monroe and Melissa Chaty
Jose And Margarita Castro With Bridget Arbizu 22885 300 600 80 Jose and Margarita Castro with Bridget Arbizu
Joyce Gattas And Jay Jeffcoat 22886 300 600 80 Joyce Gattas and Jay Jeffcoat
Kent Lee  Kelly Knox And Ted Martinez Jr. 22887 300 600 80 Kent Lee Kelly Knox and Ted Martinez Jr.
Kymberly Mueller  Patti Roscoe And Ingrid De Llamas 22888 300 600 80 Kymberly Mueller Patti Roscoe and Ingrid de Llamas
Lidia S. Martinez  Leah And Kyle Koontz And Kelly Knox 22889 300 600 80 Lidia S. Martinez Leah and Kyle Koontz and Kelly Knox
Luis Cruz And Robert Santos 22890 300 600 80 Luis Cruz and Robert Santos
Mario And Linda Sierra  Lisa And Ed McCann With Robin Toft 22891 300 600 80 Mario and Linda Sierra Lisa and Ed McCann with Robin Toft
Mayor Kevin Faulconer  Donald Kearns And Sam Attisha 22892 300 600 80 Mayor Kevin Faulconer Donald Kearns and Sam Attisha
Mirna Rivera And Jennifer Bustamante 22893 300 600 80 Mirna Rivera and Jennifer Bustamante
Paul Yellin  Patti Roscoe And Jim Tiffany 22894 300 600 80 Paul Yellin Patti Roscoe and Jim Tiffany
Southwest Airlines LEADS The Way 22895 300 600 80 Southwest Airlines LEADS the way
Stephanie Dathe And Denise Dornfeld 22896 300 600 80 Stephanie Dathe and Denise Dornfeld
Susan And Tony Perez 22897 300 600 80 Susan and Tony Perez
Susan Taylor And Robin Toft 22898 300 600 80 Susan Taylor and Robin Toft
Ted Martinez Jr. And Lidia S. Martinez 22899 300 600 80 Ted Martinez Jr. and Lidia S. Martinez

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