312 Westgate Zandra

For over ten years, The Westgate Hotel has partnered with international designer Zandra Rhodes for a fashion event that gives back. Guests enjoyed a luncheon by Jeanne Jones and a fashion show of the Zandra Rhodes chic Vintage Vibe with Lipstick collection. Proceeds from the luncheon benefitted the American Friends of The Zandra Rhodes Fashion and Textile Museum in London.

Annie Mendenhall And Suzie Luban 20157 300 600 80 Annie Mendenhall and Suzie Luban
Bonnie Wright And Nadine Masters 20158 300 600 80 Bonnie Wright and Nadine Masters
Dame Zandra Rhodes  Reena Horowitz  Katherine Kennedy And Debbie Turner 20159 300 600 80 Dame Zandra Rhodes Reena Horowitz Katherine Kennedy and Debbie Turner
Elke Bastiam  Elaine Shaw And Jo Lewis 20160 300 600 80 Elke Bastiam Elaine Shaw and Jo Lewis
Florencia Gomez Gervi And Liz Anne Potamianos 20161 300 600 80 Florencia Gomez Gervi and Liz Anne Potamianos
Jeanne Jones  Jeanne Herberger And Ruth Westreich 20162 300 600 80 Jeanne Jones Jeanne Herberger and Ruth Westreich
Laura Applegate  Erica Ram And Charlotte Rand 20163 300 600 80 Laura Applegate Erica Ram and Charlotte Rand
Linda Shelton And Christina Karl 20164 300 600 80 Linda Shelton and Christina Karl
Marci Laulom  Veronica Leff And Debbie Sigal 20165 300 600 80 Marci Laulom Veronica Leff and Debbie Sigal
Marsha Shahon And Sheila Greenberg 20166 300 600 80 Marsha Shahon and Sheila Greenberg
Mary Reich And Dana Jensen 20167 300 600 80 Mary Reich and Dana Jensen
Yazine Chouaib  Fabrice Hardel And Richard Cox 20168 300 600 80 Yazine Chouaib Fabrice Hardel and Richard Cox
Zandra Westgate Hotel 20169 300 600 80 Zandra Westgate Hotel

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