Chad Amber And Ezekiel Escobedo With Annabelle

Thrive Animal Rescue is dedicated to finding homes for dogs who have been abandoned. In the last year, they have brought 126 dogs from Louisiana, saving them from being euthanized. Recently, they hosted a special reunion for owners and the dogs they adopted through the organization. The memorable reunion included a taco truck, delicious baked goods, and fun photo opportunities.


Thrive Animal Rescue se dedica a buscar hogares para perros que fueron abandonados. En el último año se trajeron 126 perros de Luisiana, salvándolos de ser sacrificados. Recientemente la organización llevó a cabo una reunión especial para los dueños y perros que fueron adoptados a través de ellos. La inolvidable reunión contó con un puesto de tacos, delicias horneadas y la oportunidad de sacarse divertidas fotos.

Reh Family With Jagger 24828 300 600 80 Reh Family with Jagger
Chad  Amber And Ezekiel Escobedo With Annabelle 24829 300 600 80 Chad Amber and Ezekiel Escobedo with Annabelle
April Davies And Tiffany Weis 24956 300 600 80 April Davies and Tiffany Weis
Elizabeth And Dene Oliver With CeCe Bloum 24957 300 600 80 Elizabeth and Dene Oliver with CeCe Bloum
Kim Callaway With Diego And Michelle Paulus With Jack And Mr. Fluffy 24958 300 600 80 Kim Callaway with Diego and Michelle Paulus with Jack and Mr. Fluffy
Tami D   Onofrio  Stan Jirovsky  Jane D   Onofrio With Coco Butternut Squash 24959 300 600 80 Tami D Onofrio Stan Jirovsky Jane D Onofrio with Coco Butternut Squash
Tessa And Nicole Velazquez With Andrea Longenecker 24960 300 600 80 Tessa and Nicole Velazquez with Andrea Longenecker
Victoria Hobbes  Mary Drake And Susie Saladino 24961 300 600 80 Victoria Hobbes Mary Drake and Susie Saladino

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