Recognizing those who give back to the community is important to not only acknowledge their contributions, but to inspire others. The Malin Burnham Awards organized by Reality Changers does just that by honoring those within the San Diego community who have created positive change by helping others. Voted by the community, awards included categories such as most-admired business, public figure, and education-provider, among many more.

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Ben Lemoine And Enrique Meza 22700 300 600 80 Ben Lemoine and Enrique Meza
Christopher Yanov With Roberta And Malin Burnham 22701 300 600 80 Christopher Yanov with Roberta and Malin Burnham
Christy Wilson And Krista Barry Ortega 22702 300 600 80 Christy Wilson and Krista Barry Ortega
Councilmember Barbara Bry And Charles Chamberlayne 22703 300 600 80 Councilmember Barbara Bry and Charles Chamberlayne
Councilmember Myrtle Cole And Paulene Demesa 22704 300 600 80 Councilmember Myrtle Cole and Paulene Demesa
Kathryn And Donnie Edwards 22705 300 600 80 Kathryn and Donnie Edwards
Lupita Leyva And Consul Marcela Celorio 22706 300 600 80 Lupita Leyva and Consul Marcela Celorio
Margaret Ditchburn  Shelby Anderson And Anne Ravanesi 22707 300 600 80 Margaret Ditchburn Shelby Anderson and Anne Ravanesi
Marlene Nevarez And Lauren Tullis 22708 300 600 80 Marlene Nevarez and Lauren Tullis
Megan Jones And Isaac Velazquez 22709 300 600 80 Megan Jones and Isaac Velazquez
Melissa And Ben Lemoine 22710 300 600 80 Melissa and Ben Lemoine
Safiya Mohamed And Christine Forester 22711 300 600 80 Safiya Mohamed and Christine Forester
Susy And Pedro Villegas 22712 300 600 80 Susy and Pedro Villegas
Tim O   Malley And Coreen Petti 22713 300 600 80 Tim O Malley and Coreen Petti
Vanessa Light  Karen Possemato And Charles Dadswell 22714 300 600 80 Vanessa Light Karen Possemato and Charles Dadswell

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