Salk Institute launched the Architecture Conservation Program, designed to address ongoing preservation of the nearly 60-year-old Modernist structure considered to be a masterwork of American architect Louis Kahn. The Institute recently unveiled the renovation of the signature teak window systems, a project done in conjunction with Getty Conservation Institute.

 MG 5785 18986 300 600 80 MG 5785
Brent Wakefield With Laing And John Rikkers 18987 300 600 80 Brent Wakefield with Laing and John Rikkers
Chandler McCoy And Cynthia Quiero 18988 300 600 80 Chandler McCoy and Cynthia Quiero
Irwin And Joan Jacobs With Ernest Rady And Kim Witmer 18991 300 600 80 Irwin and Joan Jacobs with Ernest Rady and Kim Witmer
Izary Torres And Rosaline Pablo 18992 300 600 80 Izary Torres and Rosaline Pablo
Joan And Irwin Jacobs 18993 300 600 80 Joan and Irwin Jacobs
Susan MacDonald  Amy Fouts   Wampler  Elizabeth Shepherd And Jonathan Salk 18994 300 600 80 Susan MacDonald Amy Fouts Wampler Elizabeth Shepherd and Jonathan Salk
Tim Ball And Rick Guinn 18995 300 600 80 Tim Ball and Rick Guinn

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