Sycuan Giving

While Sycuan is dedicated to giving and supporting our community all year round, the Holiday Gift Giving Ceremony is a longstanding tradition for the tribe and those who work at the casino. This year over $70,000 was given by the Tribal Council to 28 local organizations. Beneficiaries are chosen by Sycuan’s Management team including Monarch School, Walk of the Warrior, and more.

Barbara Ybarra  Francisco Martinez And Jose Cruz 16608 300 600 80 Barbara Ybarra Francisco Martinez and Jose Cruz
Cody Martinez And Charlene Worrell 16609 300 600 80 Cody Martinez and Charlene Worrell
Dan Morales And Josh Muse 16610 300 600 80 Dan Morales and Josh Muse
Jenna Olson  Luis Velez And Lauren Morrow 16611 300 600 80 Jenna Olson Luis Velez and Lauren Morrow
Scott Kaplan  Adam Day And Billy Ray Smith 16612 300 600 80 Scott Kaplan Adam Day and Billy Ray Smith
Victoria Garner  Harold Johns And Beth Van Eetveldt 16613 300 600 80 Victoria Garner Harold Johns and Beth Van Eetveldt
Wayne Kay  John Dinius And Tina Rose 16614 300 600 80 Wayne Kay John Dinius and Tina Rose

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