Old Globe

Current and prospective supporters had an opportunity to learn about The Old Globes’ plans for the year to come at the reception organized by co-chairs Terry Atkinson, Kathy Taylor, Elaine and Dave Darwin, as well as Vicki and Karl Zeiger. At the event, they delved into their plans for the coming season and provided information about their Arts Engagement Programs.

Al And Kathleen Steele 19352 300 600 80 Al and Kathleen Steele
Barry Edelstein And Joyce Gattas 19353 300 600 80 Barry Edelstein and Joyce Gattas
Christine And Fred Pierce 19354 300 600 80 Christine and Fred Pierce
Elaine Darwin  Lucy Anderson And Mary Anne McCarter 19355 300 600 80 Elaine Darwin Lucy Anderson and Mary Anne McCarter
Greg Rolland And Celeste Revels 19357 300 600 80 Greg Rolland and Celeste Revels
Kathryn Koch  Bob And Nan Steck And Michael Taylor 19358 300 600 80 Kathryn Koch Bob and Nan Steck and Michael Taylor
Lisa Berry Shaw  Bob Shaw  Angie De Caro  Bruce And Kim Neapole 19359 300 600 80 Lisa Berry Shaw Bob Shaw Angie De Caro Bruce and Kim Neapole
Noelle Norton And Erwin Willis 19360 300 600 80 Noelle Norton and Erwin Willis
Philip And Kimberly Cleary  Carl Zeiger And Renee Wailes 19361 300 600 80 Philip and Kimberly Cleary Carl Zeiger and Renee Wailes
Steve And Lynne Wheeler 19362 300 600 80 Steve and Lynne Wheeler
Walter And Lola Greene 19363 300 600 80 Walter and Lola Greene
Freedome Bradley Ballentine  Vicki Zeiger  Kathy Taylor And Terry Atkinson 19602 300 600 80 Freedome Bradley Ballentine Vicki Zeiger Kathy Taylor and Terry Atkinson

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